Solar panels have been growing in popularity over the past but there are many questions about whether solar panels void your roof warranty. The addition of solar panels is a terrific opportunity to be less reliant on fossil fuels and generate clean, green energy for your home. There is innovative technology being developed to enhance solar offerings for homeowners across the United States. 

Can Solar Panels Void a Shingle Warranty? 

A new roof is not cheap but before signing on to the dotted line for solar panels, homeowners need to make sure they are not creating a problem with their roof. The importance of the roof to the overall health of your home is paramount.  

Professionally installed panels can work within the guidelines of your roof warranty. However, poorly installed solar panels can void a roof warranty. However, not all roof warranties read the same and it is worth the due diligence to make sure the installation will not cause you problems in the future.  

Another potential scenario would be voiding the warranty of the area where the roof array is placed directly under those panels. Not ideal but involving your roofing company and solar installer to work through the details will be a benefit and not a hindrance.  

Things to Ask Before Getting Solar Panels Installed on Your Roof 

Installing a solar panel roof rack involves drilling many holes into your roof and will add weight to your roof. There are some big questions that homeowners need to consider. 

First, is your roof under warranty, and do you know who carries it? Ask for a copy of the warranty and talk to your roofing salesperson to understand what it says—after acquiring the warranty, discussing the warranty with the solar installer is a fantastic place to start.  

Second, how old is your roof? If it is getting up there in age, there may be other less invasive, solar product offerings to explore. Or you may consider delaying your solar project until it is time to put a new roof on. Additionally, you may want to schedule a roof inspection to gauge how much life you have left in your roof system.  

Third, investigate the reviews of the solar company you are thinking of using. Look at Google, BBB, Angi, and more. If there are red flags in terms of installation, it may be worth seeking a second opinion. Finding a reputable installer can make or break your warranty. 

What Does My Roof Warranty Say About Rack Mounted Solar Panels? 

A roof warranty usually has two parts to it. There is an installer’s warranty and a materials warranty.  

The installation warranty will protect you from improper installation. 

The material warranty protects you against roofing product defects.  

Your warranty may be voided if  

  • Your roof sustained damage during solar panel installation 

  • Improper fasteners were used to install the racking system 

  • Waterproofing did not occur 

  • Improper or poor installation of the roof rack 

Warranties can differ from company to company and manufacturer. It is our recommendation that you acquire a copy of your warranty and meet with your roofing company to discuss roof rack installation.  

Solar Panels That Will Not Void My Roof Warranty 

There are several solar products that may work for your application if a roof mount panel will not work. As with any solar installation, there are things to consider before moving forward with your project.  

Ground Mount Solar Panels 

Ground mount solar panels may take up a chunk of your yard but are easy to install and have easy upkeep. Keep in mind that tree cover, and neighboring tree cover or structures could prevent you from harvesting as much solar energy as you can. The ground mounts may not meet the look of your neighborhood but are a great option if your roof has too steep of a pitch or neighborhood requirements prevent you from installing a roof mount system. 

Solar Shingles 

Solar shingles will mount directly to your roof deck and are meant to replace your roof. Solar shingles are ideal if you are in the market to replace your roof. Additionally, shingles may be the way to go if you do not want a large mount on your roof. Since they mount directly to the roof deck, you will not have to experience animals nesting under a roof mount system. The seamless look keeps a shingled roof beauty while generating green energy.  

Depending on the manufacturer, solar shingles will carry a warranty that may be like a standard shingle warranty.  

Get Solar Shingles Installed by Feazel 

Feazel offers solar shingles in select markets at this time. You can read more about the GAF Solar Shingle here. If you are entertaining adding solar panels to your roof, reach out for an inspection. If you have a Feazel roof, please ask for a copy of your warranty and discuss the options with our sales team. Feazel has proudly served Raleigh, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Dayton for over 30 years.