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Free Damage Report

You shouldn’t have to struggle to find a reliable home improvement company capable of fixing your home or business after a storm. As a roofing company since 1988, Feazel has helped thousands of property owners restore their properties. We’re a team that puts the focus on providing next-level care and excellent results. After all, you should be able to have complete confidence in the company you choose to work on your home.

At Feazel, we help homeowners take care of their storm damage restorations the right way—beginning with a free damage report. This detailed assessment will include photographic evidence showing the extent of your property damage. It can be used for your own reference for pricing your repairs, or given to your insurance adjuster for proper valuation of your insurance claim.

Get a Storm Damage Report for Your Insurance Claim

If you believe your storm damage qualifies for a homeowner’s insurance claim, obtaining a damage report can go a long way towards securing approval. We can even help you through the process of filing a storm damage insurance claim too.

But first, Feazel will provide a roof inspection to assess the property. Our roofing contractors can create a thorough and accurate damage report that shows all of the issues with your property as a result of:

  • Hail Damage
  • Ice Damage
  • Wind Damage

Our reports are created using a combination of innovative technologies and the knowledge of our experienced contractors. We rely on satellite photos to get down-to-the-inch measurements of the roof and property layout. Our team also uses drone technology for a quick yet in-depth analysis of the roof, which means you get photographic evidence of roof damage too.

Ask About Our Storm Damage Restoration Services

If you would like to request a free damage report for your property, give Feazel a call. We’ll be glad to set up a complimentary consultation and storm damage assessment right away. You can also ask our remodeling company to check out other areas of your home, like:

Give us a call to set up a no-obligation roof inspection right away. Or you can fill out our online form to request more information about our other remodeling services.