At Feazel, we know how important it is to understand all the details regarding insurance information and insurance claims, especially when they involve the roof over your head and windows that protect your home. We want to give you peace of mind as you prepare for your next major project. 

First, make sure you file a property claim with your homeowner's insurance company. We’ve made sure to provide a detailed list of insurance companies,

but we will happily work with any that aren’t listed here. 

Simply click your company’s link, look over the claim form you’re taken to, and review the instructions on how to file. It’s as easy as that!

Remember that not all insurance companies are the same, so it is extremely important to speak with your insurance agent and understand the specifics of your policy and what is covered. 

No matter what, Feazel’s comprehensive warranty exists to protect you and guarantee your coverage. We’ll make sure our customers are protected on labor and materials until they no longer own their home. 

For more information on how Feazel can assist with your roof or window replacement and repairs, contact us today.