Your chimney mortar will wear out over time requiring repairs commonly known as tuck pointing.

If you have a brick home or foundation, you’re probably grateful that it’s so durable and requires far less maintenance than some other materials. While the bricks may last for centuries, the glue that holds it all together—the mortar—deteriorates over time.

The mortar is much softer than bricks and as it weakens, it leaves the home susceptible to structural issues if it’s not properly maintained.

The good news is that maintenance is only needed every two or three decades. Tuckpointing is a common method of shoring up brick homes and foundations.

What Does Tuck Pointing Do?

Those unfamiliar with brick maintenance may ask what does tuckpointing do. The process includes removing damaged mortar until it’s at a consistent depth. Next, new mortar is applied between the bricks using a mortar gun or, in some cases a simple pointing trowel.

The last step of the process involved pushing the mortar into the joints using a pointing tool and the mortar is smoothed to create a uniform appearance.

Can You Tuck Point in the Winter?

Yes, but cold weather does change the process. For this reason, it’s important to choose a company that understands the process and knows that the process must be altered during extreme cold.

How to Find a Company to Complete Tuck Pointing

As is the case with any kind of home update, finding skilled contractors with a solid reputation is a must—and this is certainly true when hiring contractors for any type of brickwork.

Find experienced professionals, read customer reviews, and look at images of past work. Also, be sure you fully understand the warranties that are offered so you’ll know the company stands behind the work they do.

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