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Having your roof repaired or replaced is a big job best left to the professionals, but with all of the roofing companies to choose from, it can be a difficult task when deciding which one is right for the job. Here at Feazel, we understand the benefits of hiring a local roofing company better than most, and we want to share with you five reasons to hire a roofing company

  • Convenience
  • Local Licenses & References
  • Local Knowledge
  • Trusted Reputation
  • Support Your Community


One of the first things that you will notice when dealing with a local roofing company is that the entire process is going to be much more convenient for both you and the company you choose.

A local roofing contractor will be much more responsive than an out-of-state roofing company would be. Not only will their response times be shortened, but their travel times will be lessened as well. When a company doesn’t have to spend as much time on a job, you will have your roof repair or a new roof sooner, and you can typically get the work done at a better price.

Local Licenses & References

When you hire a roofing contractor, you can ensure that they have the proper licensing and insurance needed to operate in that area. Licensing and insurance prove that the company you are dealing with knows how to perform their job and that you are protected against any mishaps that may occur. 

When a non-local roofing contractor fails to have the proper licensing and insurance, you are at risk of the job being stopped before it is completed. You may also find yourself responsible for hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage done to your property or injuries sustained by the workers.

Another great thing about hiring a roofing company is that you can get local references before hiring them. References are an essential part of the hiring process because you get an honest opinion of the company that you are looking to hire. Local references can either come from people you know that have dealt with the company or from the company themselves.

Local Knowledge

Local building codes and restrictions are in place to ensure a certain level of quality and safety is met with each roofing job. These codes vary by state, county, and city, and you can’t always rely on a non-local company to be up to date on the building codes in your specific area. However, a local roofing company will know the local codes inside and out and will be able to provide you with a safe, reliable, and code-approved job every time.

Trusted Reputation

Local businesses rely on their reputation to be successful, and they know that in order to have a good reputation, they have to perform good work consistently. When you choose to hire a roofing company, you get a company that takes pride in providing quality work to the locals to maintain its reputation. A non-local company doesn’t have as much at stake and, as a result, may cut corners and deliver a less than satisfactory job.

Support Your Community

When you choose to hire a local roofing contractor you aren’t only protecting your investment, but you’re also supporting your community. A local business’s impact on a community is substantial, and while you might not see the benefits immediately, they are certainly there.

Keeping your money within the community does wonders for morale, unification, and financial success. When you hire a local roofing company, you are creating jobs and generating tax revenue that will be put into bettering the lives of everyone in your community through infrastructure, education, and assistance.

Feazel Roofing Company 

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