It’s that time of year again: A new year! We hope your 2019 is off to a great start. And it’s also that time of year when people make resolutions. This year, why not make resolutions for your home to get organized!

Making a resolution to get organized can seem daunting, but narrowing it down can help keep it simple and doable – something that is always good when making resolutions for your home.

And making resolutions for your home in 2019 – to get organized! – can help you have a more productive and stress-free 12 months. So, how to begin? Here are some tips!

Make a list

Start by taking a walk around your home, both inside and out. What areas of your home simply don’t work or cause you stress? Do you worry about keeping your landscaping up? Do you wonder when it was the last time you had your roof inspected or your gutters cleaned? Is your pantry a jumble of expired cans?

Getting it all down on paper can help you formulate a plan of attack. And then…

Get some help

Find someone to help you with formulating your first organizational project! Whether that is a spouse, a trusted friend or the help of a professional organizer (yes, they exist!), you will likely need help if you are like most people and have a hard time knowing how to begin an organizational project. Once you find some help, then…

Get started

Get to it! It’s best to start in small chunks. Your pantry or a medicine or linen closet is a great place to start. Get ideas for storage (and what items to keep and toss) by looking at sites like Pinterest. You can also make lists to organize major home tasks that need to be done each year, so you are organized and ready to tackle those when the time comes (spring gutter clean up and window cleaning and repair projects, we are looking at you!).

Enjoy your success

Many people find that once they tackle a small project, the bigger projects are easier to manage. We hope you will feel the same way and enjoy the benefits of a more efficient and organized home in 2019.

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