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When looking at an asphalt shingle roof, you may ask “What is the purpose of the rough part of the shingle?”  

The team at Feazel has compiled everything you need to know about roofing granules. 

Why do Roof Shingles Have Granules? 

The rough part of roofing shingles is called granules and they have several very specific tasks that benefit the homeowner and help the roof installation company. 

Would you believe that the main purpose of shingle granules is to protect the shingle from harsh UV light? The granules block light from reaching the lower layer of the shingle.  

Shingle granules help disperse heat across the shingle which prolongs the life of the shingle. Dispersing the heat prevents the shingle from getting too hot and curling or warping. Without the granules, you would be replacing your roof more often due to damage to the asphalt layer.  

For a roofer, the granules prevent shingles from sticking together when piled up. Additionally, it provides a surface that has some grit so that roofers can move around easily on the roof. 

What Are Roof Granules Made of? 

Roofing granules are made of crushed stone and various minerals. The stone and minerals may be mixed with other granules with a ceramic coating to alter the color of the final product. Additionally, the mixing process may create preventative features for the shingles that prevent algae formation.  

How Are Roofing Granules Made? 

Hard rock is crushed into specific-sized minute particles. Once crushed, they may be mixed with other types of granules to achieve a particular color or product feature.  

Granular Loss on Roof 

Over time, the sun will beat down on all materials that are left outside, and your roofing shingles are no different. The daily wear and tear over the years will slowly cause granules to fall away.  

Is it Normal for a New Roof to Lose Granules? 

It is normal for a small amount of granular loss over the course of time. However, extreme weather conditions may accelerate the granule loss.  

Hailstorms can cause damaged shingles that may be compromised. Severe weather can lead to roof leaks, repair or replace your roof.  

Strong winds can also cause branches to fall and damage roof granules which may lead to full roof replacement as well. 

Finding Roof Granules in Gutter After Rain 

After heavy rain, you may find some granules in your gutters. Finding a few scattered granules is perfectly normal as that is part of the overall wear of your roof. If you encounter many granules after a heavy storm mixed with hail or downed branches, then Feazel recommends scheduling a free roof inspection with a trustworthy roofing company.  

For over 30 years, Feazel has helped homeowners with all their roofing needs. From full replacement to quick repair jobs and siding and windows. We’ve earned many industry accolades and would be happy to assess your roofing granule loss with a free inspection. Contact us today to get the process started.