Cream colored Lakewood home with a shingled roof replacement from Feazel.

When it comes to finding a roofing company with years of experience, look no further than Feazel. Our Cleveland roofing company has helped countless Lakewood residents with their roofing projects. As the national Residential Roofing Company of the Year winner, we take our expertise seriously.  

Lakewood Roof Repair 

When it comes to roof repair, there are several aspects of your roofing system that can be responsible for leak creation. The great thing about a roofing company like Feazel is that in our years of experience, we can identify the places on your roof that need to be repaired.  


Roof leaks should always be addressed immediately. Leaving a leak, regardless of severity, is asking for broader and more expensive roof problems. If you find a wet spot or brown spot on your ceiling, immediately call a roofing contractor to pinpoint the problem.  


Your flashing is found where a vertical surface meets your roof. It is typically a thin piece of metal that has been attached to the vertical surface to prevent water penetration and redirect water away from the vertical surface. The flashing is then sealed to the vertical surface, typically with caulking. Over the course of time, the caulking can wear out and lead to water entering your roof.  

Caulking can become damaged during a weather event. Hail can dent and rip flashing. High winds can damage the caulking as well leaving an opening for water to get into your home and create a leak. 

Flashing can also wear out or even rust over time. These weak places will lead to replacing the flashing to restrict the entry of water.  

Roofing Fascia 

Your fascia holds your gutters and acts as the first line of starter shingle support. Fascia can become damaged by continuous exposure to moisture.  

Overflowing and clogged gutters can be the start of roof damage to your fascia. Prolonged exposure can lead to the fascia starting to rot. As the fascia rots, your gutters may start to sag or dip. 

Water damage isn’t the only type of problem that fascia can incur. Insects, such as carpenter bees may find softened fascia is good to drill holes into. Squirrels and chipmunks have been known to chew on the fascia. They do this to keep their teeth under control. 

Regardless of if it’s a winged insect or a small animal creating the damage, openings in the fascia act as an entryway for moisture to penetrate your eaves. This can lead to mold and mildew and eventual rot. Additionally, more insects and small animals may enter your roof through the openings which can lead to an infestation inside your roof.  


Roof venting is likely the part of your roof that most people take for granted. Your roof ventilation acts as the lungs of your home. Cool air enters your soffit vents and hot, humid air is expelled from your ridge vents, or whatever type of ventilation system your home utilizes.  

If your attic isn’t vented properly then your home is holding hot and humid air in. The problem with hot and humid air is that it can lead to mold formation and eventually rot.  

Holding the hot air in can lead to additional problems as well. The extreme warmth trapped in your attic can cause your roof shingles to fail early. The shingles may curl due to the heat trapped on the underside. The curling can allow moisture to penetrate your roof and develop into a roof leak.  

Furthermore, a typical Lakewood summer can be hot and humid, which means that your attic keeps that hot air inside. Hot air will permeate into the main part of your home and raise the internal temperature of your house. All the excess warmth will cause your HVAC to try and keep up resulting in larger than normal HVAC bills.  

Additionally, the excess warmth can lead to the formation of ice dams in the winter. Read more about ice dams below.  

Ice Dams 

Lakewood averages 54 inches of snow a year. That’s a bunch! Especially when compared to the national average, which is 28 inches. With that amount of snow, roof ventilation is super important for the health of your home.  

If your home has insufficient ventilation, your attic may become warm during the winter months. Warm attic in the winter, that isn’t bad, right? Not quite! Having an overly warm attic in the Lakewood winter months means you are susceptible to the formation of ice dams. 

An ice dam forms when your attic is too warm. The warmth tapped in your attic will start to melt the snow on your roof. That seems like a perfectly fine thing. Until the melted snow and ice reaches your eaves which are still below freezing.  

This water will re-freeze and expand. As it expands, the frozen dam will push back up your roof, and potentially get under your shingles.  

The ice dam, once under your shingles, will melt and get your decking wet which can start to leak. The leak may start inside an interior wall. The weight of the ice may pull down your gutters, causing them to sag or pull away from your home.  

Getting Rid of Ice Dams 

When you have an ice dam in Lakewood, do not go outside with a chisel, hammer, or another tool to try and break it up. You may damage your gutters or your roof which will end up costing more money.  

What can you do to effectively remove your ice dam? There are a couple of options.  

  • Melt it with hot water. Run hot water over the dam to melt it down and let it flow through the gutters and out of the downspout. 

  • Install heat cables. This is recommended as a precursor to winter weather, so it won’t do much while you have an active ice dam.  

  • Professional snow removal is an option to clear away any snow that may melt and create an ice dam. Only a professional should be doing this due to their expertise to not damage your roof. 

If you have access to your attic, you can place a box fan in the attic to slow or stop the melting ice/ snow. Once temperatures have subsided, call your trusted Lakewood roofing company to inspect the amount of ventilation required for your home and get on Feazel’s schedule for a roof repair! 

Storm Damage Roofing Services 

Feazel is a roofer contractor in Lakewood that works with your insurance company to complete roof repair and replacement to return your home to pre-storm condition. All Cleveland area residents know the story about Ohio weather; “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes.”  

Pop-up storms can cause damage to even the best roofs. Hail can dimple your roof. These dimples can cause moisture penetration into your roof. Dimples may not be noticeable from the ground, but a trained roofer can identify where there has been hail damage and is able to assist with your insurance claim.  

High winds are capable of lifting shingles off the nail. This breaks the seal and creates a place where water can get into your roof.  

Not to mention, high winds can cause branches to fall from nearby trees. Fallen branches can compromise your roof as well.  

Much like hail damage, you should entrust a roofer to conduct a thorough inspection after an extreme weather event to ensure that you do not have any damage.  

Feazel does recommend that you find a trustworthy, local roofer to inspect and ultimately repair or replace your roof. Often after an extreme weather event, Lakewood homeowners will encounter roofing companies from out of state, promising quick fixes.  

Many times, Feazel will get called to fix the out-of-state roofers' improper installation and thus costing homeowners more money. Get your roof repaired right, the first time with Feazel.  

Lakewood OH Roof Replacement 

A great roof in Lakewood can last a long time. There will come a point when a great roof must be replaced.  

Imagine what that roof sees over the course of 10, 15, or 25 years! All the heavy Lakewood snow, pop-up storms, hail, and more. This wear will cause the eventual need for total roof replacement.  

Great roofs are built to last, and you should always trust a Lakewood roofing company that provides warranties, exceptional service, and superior installation. Feazel has built thousands of roofs for Ohioans. Call us today to schedule a roof replacement estimate.  

What is Included in a Roof Replacement? 

A total roof replacement strips all of your roof down to the decking. Once your decking is exposed, the condition of the decking will be surveyed. We cannot identify the condition of your roof decking until it is exposed, especially in cases of homes where the attic cannot be accessed. There may be rot or mold that requires the decking to be removed and replaced. 

Components of a Residential Roof System in Northeast Ohio 

A residential roof system is more than asphalt shingles. Each roof component has a specific function in order to keep your home dry and safe. Your residential roofing system is comprised of the following. 

  • Drip Edge helps direct water away from parts of your roof and into your gutter system or even away from your home. It is a thin piece of metal that looks rather unassuming, but its mission is straightforward.  

  • Ridge Vents are a type of passive vent that goes on the peak of your roof.  

  • Ridge Cap covers the ridge vent entirely. It is typically a thicker and longer shingle meant to protect the ridge vent from incurring any weather-related damage. 

  • Roof Vents can come in the shape of soffit vents or additional ventilation that may be required to allow air to move in and out of your home.  

  • Ice and Water Shield is placed on your roof at critical leak points. This is an extra reinforcement to help keep your home dry and safe.  

  • Roof Decking is the foundation of your roof. Without decking, your roof would sag or even cave in. This would be especially true for the heavy snow that Lakewood receives.  

  • Roof underlayment can be made from synthetic material. This synthetic underlayment is put in place to prevent your roof decking from getting wet. It will be placed between the decking and the shingles.  

  • Gutters and downspouts are sometimes not thought to be part of your roof system. However, Lakewood gutters are incredibly important in moving the melted snow and ice away from your home.  

Feazel is a Highly Rated Lakewood Roofing Company 

Feazel is synonymous with quality roof installation. Since we opened our doors in 1988, we have provided the best roofing experience for residents of Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina.  Winning the national Residential Roofing Contractor of the Year is a testament to our team's drive, focus, and dedication to our customers. Find out what thousands of other Ohioans have learned and schedule your free roof inspection with Feazel today.