Ideally, you should clean your windows once a year. However, if it’s been (ahem) a bit longer than that, you should probably consider tackling this task this spring.

Most people dread the task, but it doesn’t have to be awful. You can also hire someone to clean them if you dislike it (or if it isn’t safe for you to do on your own), but we guarantee you’ll love the results. Keeping your windows clean and well-maintained can save you headaches down the road, too.

Here’s how to wash your windows like a professional this spring. Read on:

Stop scrubbing

Chances are, when you think about cleaning your windows, you get some glass cleaner and some paper towels and start scrubbing. However, that’s a quick way to not get your windows very clean AND frustrate yourself in the process. Instead, look up. Watch a professional window washer. He or she uses soapy water and a squeegee. Try that instead.All you need is a bit of dish soap, water and a sponge. After gently cleaning, squeegee the window.

Dry, dry, dry

Another tip from the pros is to make sure your windows are dry after washing and for that, you’ll need a chamois. Make sure there aren’t drops and drips that can streak a freshly cleaned window.While it’s easier to clean a window that isn’t divided, you can do this method on any kind if you modify your tools to fit.

Enjoy the results

There are few housekeeping tasks that give as much satisfaction as a freshly cleaned window, so after you get yours sparkling, don’t forget to enjoy your enhanced curb appeal and the extra light in your home.

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