“Feazel’s best days are ahead of it, not behind it,” promises Leo Ruberto. He is Feazel’s new owner and comes to the company with big plans, heightened enthusiasm and a passion for community involvement. 

Before taking over in January 2013, Leo spent his time building up small contracting companies. He’s aided roofing companies across states such as Florida, Maryland and Kansas to reach their full potential. When he finally came to Columbus in 2006 he met his wife, a proud OSU graduate, and decided to settle in central Ohio. Working in the Columbus area, Leo naturally formed a relationship with Mike and Todd Feazel. Drawn by the company’s strong reputation, Leo quickly became involved and developed into a member of the Feazel Roofing family. He admired the way Feazel did business and wanted to take on a leadership role in order to make larger local impacts. As the new owner, Leo plans to add on to Feazel’s already positive track record. Upholding employee honesty, safety and attention to detail are items that Leo plans to sustain. But, he also plans to bring Feazel to the next level of customer service. Incorporating convenient customer-based technology into all of Feazel’s operations is something that he’s already started to implement. 

“We’re going to change the way roofers do business. Transparent but secure access to personal accounts will let both residential and commercial clients accomplish everything they need in one sitting. Soon they can schedule estimates and appointments online, access before and after photos, see detailed pricing reports and have information on what we did, why, when and how.” 

As a former member of the Marines, Leo also wants to give back to our country’s service men and women through Feazel’s work. He has instituted the national GAF Roof for Troops rebate program with an added $300 discount that comes directly from Feazel. Passionate about many other community groups and causes, Leo additionally plans to increase the amount of time and resources the company donates locally. Excited for Feazel’s future, Leo looks forward to building up homes and businesses and serving the central Ohio community.