Ways to keep your house dry and mold-free in summer humidity

Ways to keep your house dry and mold-free in summer humidity

Summer humidity is here, and maybe you’ve noticed sticky floors and a musty smell in your home.

Keeping your home’s humidity at a certain level – whether it’s more humid in the winter or less humid in the summer – can keep mold, mildew and other issues away as well as making your living spaces more comfortable.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to keep your home’s summer humidity levels in check this summer. Here are a few ideas. Read on:

Proper ventilation

Cooking, showering, and using the dishwasher or washer and dryer create humidity. But, proper ventilation can suck that moist air out of your home and keep your home comfortable and dry. How so? First, ventilation fans in your kitchen and bathroom must be used consistently and properly. That means each time you cook or bathe, turn them on until you are done or even a little after.

And make sure your dryer vent is clean and working properly.

Air circulation

It goes without saying that an air conditioner can reduce your home’s humidity, but it can get pricey. Installing ceiling fans – or just using box or rotating fans – can help circulate cooler air and save you money. It can also make you feel more comfortable and control the humidity.

Plants and firewood

We love our houseplants and for the most part, they are wonderful to have in our homes. However, plants can generate a lot of moisture into the air, so on really humid days, move them outside. Also, if you keep firewood in your home, relocate it. It also releases water vapor.

Dehumidifiers help with summer humidity

Using a dehumidifier – especially in your basement – can make a big difference. But if you notice the rest of your home is humid, you can move it upstairs or purchase a second unit.

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