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About Feazel’s Mason Roofers

From tree-lined streets to corner delis, Mason is the type of place you’d want to settle down. Sprawling neighborhoods provide the ideal backdrop for families to explore and enjoy their environment. This sense of home is why Feazel is a proud Mason roofing company. We’ve been around since 1988, and in that time we’ve managed to fine-tune our services to provide a comprehensive solution to home and business owners. 

Ohio is just one of the states that we call home, and we also have offices in North Carolina and Indiana. We rely on a team of trained professionals to assist with your roofing needs, including inspections, repairs, and roof replacements. 

Roof Inspection

With the help of satellite technology, which provides 3D building models, aerial imaging, and access to estimate-related data, we’re able to take most of the guesswork out of your roofing estimates. Our roof inspections enable you to make an informed decision about the scope of the project and the estimated cost of your roof replacement. 

Roof Repair

A quick turnaround time on roof repairs ensures minimal damage, which is why we offer an emergency response option at an additional cost. This service strives to send a team to your site within four hours. 

Getting to a leak early is important, as water damage can cause other issues, such as black mold, electrical issues, and the overall integrity of the structure. 

New Windows

Windows tend to sustain a lot of damage during the rainy seasons. Issues that include hail damage, wood rot, moisture, and mold can affect a home’s air quality. It can also reduce the effectiveness of windows against the elements and lower the overall aesthetics of the property. 

By replacing your windows, you can lower your energy costs and keep your home’s temperature more consistent. Our installers are Pella certified contractors who ensure expert workmanship, and we use the highest quality materials to get the job done. Your options include vinyl and aluminum windows for increased durability and efficiency. 

Expert Exterior Services

Siding is not only an attractive addition to a home’s exterior, but it also provides a much-needed layer of protection and insulation against the elements. We offer a variety of siding to suit your budget and taste, including cement, cedar, fiber, and vinyl.

Our suppliers include James Hardie, which is known for its high-end stock of fiber cement siding and complementary products to complete your homes look. Siding options also vary in style, and you can opt for the traditional lap style or the more contemporary vertical and shingle styles. 

As with roofing, an assessment helps to determine the scope of the project. The siding assessment also relies on satellite imaging that provides aerial images, which in turn provides the 3-D building models. This technology allows for increased accuracy and faster turnaround time for the assessment. 

Preventative Maintenance

We assist you by increasing the value of your roof through maintenance and taking care of any issues that extend its lifespan. If during a free roof inspection we nd a developing area of concern, we’ll sit down with you and explain everything that’s needed so you can make an informed decision about your home.

One thing that can extend the life of your roof is proper cleaning on a regular basis. Many people don’t know that pressure washing can actually damage the surface of your roof. At Feazel, we use non-corrosive, biodegradable cleaning products that will have your roof looking like new without the potential for damage.

Roof Replacement

In the event of a sale, curb appeal can account for up to 7% of your property’s value. This figure increases to 14% in a slow market. Your roofing plays a big role in curb appeal. Missing, weather-worn, and faded shingles can all have a detrimental effect on the overall look of the roof.

We provide a wide selection of asphalt shingles, which are known for their strength and aesthetic appeal. Mason is no stranger to adverse weather conditions and strong storms, and it helps to have a Mason roofing company like Feazel on speed dial. 

Proudly Serving Mason

One of the biggest advantages of being in the industry since 1988 is that Feazel has been exposed to some of the best advancements in the fields of roofing, window installations, and siding. Increased durability, reduced weight, and cost-saving materials permit us to provide comprehensive services to our clients. 

We partner with suppliers who are known for their high-end products and materials and ensure regular training and certification of staff for improved service delivery. We have offices across three states, and the result is good exposure to varying weather conditions, property styles, and individual preferences of home and business owners. We respect Mason’s great pride in the structural integrity of its buildings

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