7 Most Common Reasons for a Roof Leak

We know the feeling—a growing stain on your ceiling and water dripping into a bucket below. A leaking roof is one of the most stressful problems for homeowners. That’s why Feazel offers free inspections, emergency service, roof repair & replacement, and preventative maintenance. 

When you work with Feazel, we’ll fix your leak once and for all. As a trusted roof repair company, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which gives our customers peace of mind that the job was done correctly.

When it comes to solving what caused the leak—and how to prevent them in the future—here are the seven most common reasons for a roof leak:

  1. The Age of Your Roof

When was the last time your roof was replaced? Maybe it was even done by the previous homeowners! Be sure to check the age of your roof and keep an eye out for signs of damage, especially as it nears 20-25 years old.

These signs include missing or cracked shingles, sun shining through the roof boards in your attic, moisture in your home’s insulation, and shingle granules in the gutters.

  1. Check Your Vents

Make sure any vents in your roof are properly sealed. This will ensure no water is seeping through the space between your vents and shingles, even if that space is small. In addition to roof repair and replacement services,

Feazel also offers home exterior services that include ventilation to ensure proper installation.

  1. Be Mindful of Holes

Similarly, if you have something removed from your roof such as a cable dish or a television antenna, be sure the technician didn’t leave any holes. This oversight causes a lot of roof leaks, and it’s best to contact a trusted expert like

Feazel for an inspection. Then, we can make sure that any holes are properly patched and sealed.

  1. Keep An Eye On Your Gutters

Be on the lookout for gutters that are overflowing, especially if you have higher gutters emptying onto another portion of roof below. That constant flow of water onto a lower section of roof, especially during the rainy months, can cause water-logged shingles and lead to leaks. Feazel provides services to ensure your home’s gutters are draining properly. Plus, we use a hidden hanger when installing gutters to make sure screws don’t back out, which keeps them securely in place. 

  1. Keep Your Roof Free of Debris

This is especially important during the fall, because leaves are notorious for trapping water against your roof. If your roof is under a large tree, consider removing some of the branches.

Feazel also offers our patented Leaf Relief system to trap even the smallest debris and allow water to flow freely. Leaf Relief mounts securely to your gutter system to resist damage from winds, snow and ice, as well as birds, raccoons and squirrels! Plus, our Leaf Relief system has a thin, subtle design, which can boost your curb appeal.

  1. Don’t Forget Flashing

Flashing is used to seal areas where parts of the roof join together, and around chimneys and  skylights. It takes a skilled craftsman to install flashing that will stand the test of time. Feazel craftsmen use extreme attention to detail while using the “Grind and Tuck” technique to create a permanent, watertight seal.

  1. Watch For Bad Weather

It’s not just age that can cause shingles to go missing. Bad weather like heavy rain, high winds and ice can cause your roof to take a beating. Walk around the yard after the weather has subsided to look for any shingles, and look up at your roof to see if there are any noticeable “bald” spots. Keeping a close eye after bad weather can help you diagnose problems fast, before they turn into a leak… or worse. 

Whether dealing with an aging roof, damage, or even a remodeling project, Feazel is the one-stop-shop for all of your home improvement needs. Our roofing systems are built from the industry’s best materials and are designed to last. Plus, our roofs are backed by our satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty. At Feazel, we care about your home!

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