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Window and Door Maintenance: Seal your doors and windows to keep cool in summer

Keeping your home comfortable is just as important in summer as in winter. Make sure you are keeping up with window and door maintenance this summer to maximize your comfort and minimize your air conditioning bills. Although it’s easier to detect cold air leaking through windows and doors in the winter, it’s easier to apply caulk and weatherstripping in the summer, says Feazel expert Steve Wilson. Not to mention it’s more pleasant to have doors and windows partially open while sealing them when blasts of arctic air aren’t blowing in!


Window and Door Maintenance Step One

Residential Ventilation Contractor

Before you make your windows and doors airtight, make sure your house is able to “breathe” in the recommended ways. That means, rather than air leaking through various weak spots, air is circulating through your home in a strategic pattern, ensuring your attic does not become overheated and your roofing ventilation is working properly. If you aren’t sure, contact Feazel for a free inspection in Cincinnati and Columbus.


Window and Door Maintenance Step Two


Identify the moving parts and the nonmoving parts of your doors and windows. Obviously windows and doors and meant to open and close. But there are also joints and intersections where the doors and windows were installed in the house, and sealant in those areas can dry out or become dislodged. Make sure to understand the difference between cracks in door frames and window frames versus leaks in the seals on the Window and Door Maintenancemoving parts when windows and doors and closed.

“Close your doors and windows and check if you can see daylight around it,” says Wilson.

Wilson says some homeowners think they have a leak, but really they have windows that are hard to close. Especially with double-hung vinyl windows (where the top half of the window can slip down) latches can be pushed to the “lock” position but the window is not fully closed. This means the window is not locked and is also letting in outside air.

If you struggle to close and lock your windows, call Feazel for an estimate on new windows.


Window and Door Maintenance Step Three


Wash around the edges of windows and doors.

All sealants have adhesive qualities and perform much better when they can stick fully to the surface, rather than having the adhesive bond interrupted by particles of dirt and dust.


Window and Door Maintenance Step Four


Apply caulk to the nonmoving areas that need to be sealed, where the door frames and window frames meet the walls.


Window and Door Maintenance Step Five

Window weather stripping

Determine the correct weatherstripping for each type of door and window in your home, and apply it carefully. has a detailed table for determining the type of weatherstripping appropriate for each

Weatherstripping should be applied to clean, dry surface when the temperature is not freezing. That makes summer an ideal time for window and door maintenance. Use a thickness that causes the weatherstripping to compress when a door or window is shut, without being so thick that it doesn’t allow latches and locks to work properly. Make sure your door can swing freely over carpet or rugs once the weatherstripping is affixed.


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