When completing a roofing project, knowing which roofing contractors to avoid is as important as picking one. The wrong roofing company can lead to poor build quality and legal headaches.

Fortunately, there are several signs that a roofing contractor may not be a good choice for your project. This article will cover some of the most obvious signs to choose another roofer. 

Lack of Licensing and Insurance

When hiring a local roofing company, you should always confirm that they are licensed. A license is necessary for a roofer to provide professional services to homeowners. 

Additionally, insurance is required to protect the homeowner against being liable for property damage or injuries. If a roofer does not have licensing or insurance, you should file a complaint to the local licensing board. 

Poor Communication

Every business should communicate professionally with its customers. If you find yourself having trouble getting calls back or responses to your inquiries, they may not be a reliable choice.

When a roofer does not respond reliably, this often results in late arrivals and missed appointments. If you don't feel confident in a roofer's communication skills, this may be a sign of future problems. 

High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Do you feel as if a roofer is attempting to sell you on numerous additional services or features? When a contractor uses high-pressure sales tactics, they will likely use methods such as emotional manipulation and refusing to leave without an agreement. 

These tactics can be quite frightening to deal with, so it's important to stand your ground and refuse to sign any contracts. A roofing company and its customers should always have a mutual agreement. 

Inadequate Written Estimates

A written estimate should provide a detailed breakdown of the project's scope and costs. The total cost estimate will have an itemized list of services that will make up the entirety of the payment.

If a roofer refuses to provide a written estimate or misses key details, this is a sign they may attempt to overcharge you. It's always important to get everything in writing when you work with a roofing contractor. 

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