Removing debris from your roof is critical for optimum roof health.

Spring has arrived, bringing with it the promise of melting snow, longer days, and the return of wildlife to their familiar activities. As we embrace the season, it's not just the interiors that deserve our attention; your roof also craves a bit of TLC. 

Amidst the annual rituals that get your house ready for spring, we have crafted the perfect checklist to ensure your entire home, including the often-overlooked rooftop, is ready to welcome the rejuvenating spirit of spring. Let's dive into a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need for a home that not only shines on the inside but stands resilient under the changing season's embrace. 

Gutter Refresh: Essential Maintenance for a Flawless Spring 

Spring cleaning often brings the dreaded task of gutter cleaning—a crucial step in maintaining your home's top-notch condition. Neglecting this chore can result in potential internal and external water damage, with accumulated leaves and debris creating a cozy haven for rodents. Fortunately, tackling this cleaning process on your own is manageable. 

Materials Needed: 

  • Ladder 

  • Pair of Gloves 


  • Set up a secure ladder near the gutter area. 

  • Put on a pair of gloves for protection. 

Debris Removal: 

Begin clearing any accumulated leaves and debris from the gutters. Ensuring that water can flow freely through your gutters. 

Addressing Roof Mold 

If you notice any black streaks on your roof, that can sometimes be the case for mold. But worry not— a few essential tools can assist you in tackling the issue. Here's a step-by-step guide: 

Materials Needed: 

  • Safe Ladder 

  • Long Brush 

  • Spray Bottle 

  • Chlorine Bleach or Roof Shingle Cleaner 

  • Garden Hose 

  • Proper Protection (e.g., gloves and eye protection) 


  1. Safely position a ladder near the affected roof area. 
  2. Equip yourself with proper protection, including gloves and eye protection. 

Mixture Preparation: 

  • Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and chlorine bleach (or roof cleaner). 


  1. Spray the mold-affected areas with the cleaning solution mixture. 

  2. Allow the solution to set for an hour. 


  1. Use the long brush to carefully scrub the mold downwards. 

  2. Ensure scrubbing from top to bottom due to the shingle layout. 


  • Rinse off the bleach-water mixture and any debris with a garden hose. 

Remember, using a pressure washer may seem like a convenient solution, but it's not advisable for cleaning asphalt shingle roofs. Pressure washing can strip protective coatings and loosen granules, risking shingle longevity and leaks and causing damage to your roof. You should opt for gentler cleaning methods to preserve the integrity of your roofing materials. And always remember to make sure to read the instructions on your roof cleaning chemicals. If 

Trim Your Trees 

As temperatures rise, the magnificent trees surrounding your home undergo a revival, adorned with fresh leaves. While this natural spectacle enhances your home's curb appeal, it can pose challenges without proper upkeep. As these trees shed leaves, there is an increased risk of accumulation in your gutters and on your roof. Not only could this cause possible blockage in your gutters, but it can also be the main suspect of mold on your roof.  

Have you ever cleaned your front yard of leaves and you realize that the top of the leaves is dry, yet the bottom of the pile is sopping wet? Now, this maybe doesn’t hurt the ground, but now imagine that pile of leaves on your roof. A quick fix to this problem could be to use a leaf blower to get rid of them. 

Furthermore, during severe storms, fragile tree limbs have the potential to break and fall, posing a threat to your house's structure and raising safety concerns for you and your family. Looking for more info on protecting your home from trees and leaves, look no further!  

Inspect Your Attic 

Your attic serves as a primary indicator of typical roof leaks, demanding a comprehensive assessment to uncover potential issues. Beyond the concern of water intrusion, there looms a risk of mold growth, introducing potential hazards. This often-overlooked space requires vigilant attention, as undetected issues may escalate over time. 

An examination becomes crucial, as what might appear as a minor attic leak initially could, upon closer scrutiny, unveil more substantial issues that have reached the interior of your home. Proactively addressing these issues now not only prevents further damage but also guarantees a healthier living environment. Regular attic checks contribute to the overall well-being of your home, ensuring it remains a comfortable and secure haven for you and your family. 

Happy Cleaning 

As we embrace the rejuvenating spirit of spring, let's not overlook a crucial aspect of home care – our roofs! Beyond the usual indoor spring cleaning. From clearing gutters to addressing roof moss, algae, and mold, pruning trees, inspecting your attic, these efforts contribute to your home's overall well-being. For any concerns or a second opinion, reach out to us at Feazel for a free estimate. Let's ensure your home is not just ready for spring but thriving in it, happy cleaning!