Ring shank nails are the best for roofing applications.

You may notice a nail or two poking out of your roof. Before you go full DIY, watch a YouTube video, grab a ladder, and hammer, let the pro roofing contractors at Feazel give a breakdown of everything nail pop related. This blog will give you a good idea of when to trust an expert to rectify what might look like a cosmetic problem before it turns into something larger. We’ll cover the following topics: 

  • Causes of nail pops 
  • How to fix them 
  • Why they need fixed 
  • Are nail pops covered by a roof warranty 

What Are Nail Pops? 

Every roof shingle on your roof is nailed to your roof decking. Nails are driven by hammers or pneumatic nail guns. Each shingle requires several nails to hold it in place.  

The nails that a roofer uses are purpose built. A roofing nail is known as a long ring shank nail. This has rings all around it to act as a grip on the shingle and the decking. The rings help secure the nail in place.  

What Causes Nail Pops on a Roof? 

Nail pops feel serious, the roof nail has worked its way out of your roof decking. The root cause may uncover potential issues down the line. Once you spot a nail head sticking up out of your roof sheathing, contact a professional roofer to get a proper assessment.  

Improper Installation 

Nails must be driven flat against the shingle. This creates a seal to prevent moisture penetration. If the nail is not flat, you’ve created an opportunity for moisture to get in. 

Secondly, if you drive a nail too hard, you can break the shingle. Not hard enough will not form a seal. 

Third, using the right nails. Too short? They will not pierce the roof decking and create a loose shingle. Using smooth nails may cause your shingles to come loose.  

Weather Damage 

Moisture penetrating the roof sheathing will cause problems. Water can cause decking to expand and shrink. These conditions are ideal for rusting and popping nails. 


Your roof handles a lot of water. There are particular areas of your roof that handles more moisture than other parts (see roof valleys). Rust can form and can cause wear and tear to the ring shank and ultimately loosen the nail away from your roof.  

Damaged Roofing Materials 

Would you expect a nail to stay firmly attached in rotting wood? We don’t! That’s why when you undergo a new roof installation with Feazel, we make sure that everything is fresh and new to ensure that your roof is in top condition.  

How to Fix Nail Pops on a Roof 

We recommend calling a roof professional. There are fixes that a DIYer can complete that do not include driving the nail back into place, but there is an important caveat, your roof warranty. 

If you have a roof warranty, don’t risk it with unauthorized repairs. We understand that you may feel qualified to fix nail pops, but you should have a trusted professional conduct a roof inspection and determine the next steps.  

Are Nail Pops Covered Under My Roof Warranty? 

There is a reason for a roof warranty and that is to protect the homeowner's investment. There are two types of warranties; materials and workmanship. Nail pops are typically considered a workmanship warranty. Be sure to ask about the details of the warranty offered for your next roof purchase to ensure that workmanship is covered.  

Can Nail Pops Cause Roof Leaks? 

Yes, a nail pop can create a leaky roof. The nail is driven through the shingle and into the roof decking. Without a nail or a loose nail, there is an opportunity for water to work its way into your home.  

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