Rain running down shingles and causing the gutters to overflow.

When you think about your home's roof, what comes to mind? Initially, you probably start to think about things like shingles, metal plates, or even your gutter system. These are all valid points when roofing comes to mind, but have you considered any deeper about your roof? Specifically, do you know if your roof has an ice and water shield?

Well, what is ice and water shield? Good question! And we'd love to break it down for you. However, before filling you in with everything you need to know about ice and water shield, we thought you might want to learn a little more about us.

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What Is Ice and Water Shield?

In short, an ice and water shield is a waterproof membrane that protects your roof from ice and water damage. So, you might be wondering, is an ice and water shield necessary for my roof? If you live above the U.S. snow line, there's a code stating that you have to have an ice and water shield for your home's roof.

So, then you might be wondering where does ice and water shields go on a roof? Great question again! Anywhere that your roof has valleys or pitches should have ice and water shields. This is because these are the areas the ice and rain from storms will build up and could potentially cause damage to your roof. With all of this in mind, there are three things that you need to know about ice and water shield:

  • There Are Three Types of Ice and Water Shield: Granular/ sand surface, smooth, and high heat.
  • You Can Upgrade Your Roof: By adding ice and water shield to the edges of your roof, you'll be significantly upgrading the overall integrity of your roof.
  • Know the Cost: Ice and water shield has variable costs depending on the material you choose, ranging from $50 per square foot to $100 per square foot.

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