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Expert Roof Leak Repair Raleigh NC

Since 1988, our valued customers have trusted us for outstanding roof leak repairs in Raleigh, North Carolina. We are your GAF Master Elite Roofer with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Our team of skilled and experienced roofers provides the highest level of quality as the best roofing company in Raleigh. 

What Are the Signs of a Roof Leak? 

Are you wondering if that musty smell is because of roof leaks in heavy rain? Water stains appear on your ceiling? There is only one way to be sure - schedule a comprehensive roof inspection right away to identify any damages. With a trained eye, our team can spot hidden signs of a roof leak including wet insulation, missing or damaged shingles, or roof sag.  

Our team of roofing experts will diagnose the problem and provide you with the next steps- repair or replace your roofing system. Furthermore, we will let you know if our suggestion is a long-term solution to keep your home dry and safe/ 

What Are the Common Causes of a Raleigh Roof Leak? 

The most common cause of a compromised roof is water damage from a leak. Oftentimes, storm damaged roof occurs without the homeowner even noticing. Your roof may have cracked, missing, or broken asphalt shingles after a hail or windstorm. This is why contacting an expert in local roof leak repair Raleigh is so important. 

Some common causes of a roof leak include: 

  • Fallen Branches or Debris 

  • Compromised Underlay 

  • Improperly Sealed Roof Vents and Chimneys 

  • Poor Quality Roofing Materials 

  • Flashing in Roof Valleys 

An expert in residential roof leak repair will pinpoint any storm related damage and inform homeowners of the next steps to eliminate the leak.  

What Damage Can an Untreated Roof Leak Cause? 

A neglected roof leak can lead to extensive damage to your home, eventually resulting in a complete roof replacement in Raleigh. Having a reliable roof repair specialist on call is the first step to staying on top of annual maintenance and roof damage as they occur. 

Active and untreated water leaks create many different roof problems. Water leaks can lead to mold growth in your home’s attic. Continued leaky roof problems can even cause structural integrity of your roof to become compromised.  

What to Do if Your Roof is Leaking?  

Finding a leaky roof is frustrating. Leaks are invasive, disruptive, and confusing. Where is the leak coming from, who is going to fix it, how much damage is there?  

All these questions will be answered. What Raleigh area homeowners should focus their attention on is preventing more damage. 

  1. Move items away from the leak. Move anything that could get damaged by the roof leak. This could include furniture, appliances, rugs, and more. 
  2. Get a bucket. If water is still coming into your home, you will need to contain it. Place a bucket or blanket under the area affected by the leak. 
  3. Is your ceiling bulging? This means that water is pooling. Relieve the pressure by poking a hole in it with a screwdriver. This will allow the water to drain safely into a bucket. Releasing the water prevents damage from spreading to other parts of the ceiling and breaking the drywall. 
  4. Stop the leak by tarping your roof. Call Feazel and we will be happy to help with an emergency tarp solution to restrict the leakage. 
  5. Take pics for insurance. Documentation matters when filing a homeowners insurance claim. In all reality, insurance will arrive after the leak has ended. By providing pictures, you can effectively communicate the severity of the leak. 
  6. Call a roofer. A reputable roofing company will be able to help with tarping. Additionally, by using a roofer known as the best roof leak repair Raleigh can diagnose the source of the leak. From there, they will determine if it requires a total roof replacement or a simple roof repair.  
  7. Conduct regular maintenance. Developing a maintenance schedule is critical to understand the longevity of your roof. A maintenance cadence will allow you to be ahead of wear, tear, and repair.  

Trust Feazel for Roof Repair Services 

Feazel is your professional roof leak repair in Raleigh, offering top-notch customer service and workmanship. We specialize in roof leak repairs, storm damage restoration, and entire roof replacements. Our professional roofing contractors in Raleigh fix roof leaks efficiently and seamlessly, so you no longer must search “roof leak repairs near me.” 

You can also choose us for residential and commercial siding, window replacements, and gutter installations. We are your solar panel and solar shingle specialists with over 30 years of industry experience. Contact us today for peace of mind. We will inspect your roof and provide a free roof leak repair estimate in North Carolina!