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Wind gusts, weather warnings, hail, and more can impact the condition of your roof and other parts of its exterior, like windows and siding. Having a trusted roofing contractor, like Feazel, conduct a thorough inspection is critically important to ensure that your home is in tip-top condition following a bout of severe weather.  

Common Types of Storm Damage in Cuyahoga County 

Storm damage in northeast Ohio can come in different ways. Homeowners in Parma Heights may experience trees snapping, power outages, and dropped power lines. While other nearby homeowners may experience minor damage to their homes or none!  

What to do After Severe Weather? 

What’s important when you experience a weather event is to conduct a quick DIY inspection to ensure that there is no storm damage. You may notice downed trees and power lines and the team at Feazel strongly recommends steering clear of that type of damage to ensure that you are safe. Leave trees and electric wires for the professionals.  

However, there are several safe inspections that you can conduct inside and outside of your home. Here is what you can easily inspect after a severe weather event. If you find damage, you will want to then contact your insurance company and go with the next steps. If you do not find damage and want an inspection, contact the team at Feazel for a free Parma roof inspection.  


Your attic is the gateway to any roof leak. Your chimney likely exits out of the roof, in addition to bathroom and natural gas exhausts. All of these are prime locations for a leak to develop. Not to mention that damaged shingles may start to show the signs of a leak which can find its way into your attic space.  

Feazel recommends that Parma homeowners conduct a brief survey of their attic at least once a year. After heavy rain or extreme weather event is a great time to give your attic a quick inspection. 

Walk Around the Outside 

Conducting a quick outdoor inspection after the weather has subsided is a great way to determine if your Parma home has been on the receiving end of storm damage. This does not include accessing the roof of your home. Please only conduct a visual inspection of your roof from the ground level.  


Siding may be blown off, dented, or punctured during strong winds and hail. Trees may drop branches with wind speeds of 30 mph. Not to mention the severe 70 mph winds in December 2021 that toppled trees, caused power outages, and major siding problems for homeowners across the Cleveland area.  


The most common and easily identifiable wind damage is breakage. This could be from branches falling or other debris being picked up and blown by the wind. These window breakages may be covered by home insurance.  

Roof (from a distance) 

The most common way of noticing roof damage is a blown-off shingle. Look at your roof for missing or broken shingles. If there was a Parma hailstorm, it may be best to call Feazel so that our roofing experts can conduct a thorough roof inspection of your property. Hail hits are not easily identifiable to an untrained eye.  


Flashing is a strip of protective metal created to prevent water leaks. Your flashing protects areas of your roof that may be susceptible to leakage.  

Flashing can become damaged during a weather event and create a leak. Hail and strong gusts of wind can cause flashing to loosen. Additionally, older flashing may be weaker or wear more due to its age. These worn areas may be exposed during heavy, driving rain.  


Gutters can be on the receiving end of hail damage and wind damage. Hail can temporarily clog your gutters and cause them to overflow. Windblown branches and debris dent and crush components of your gutter system.  

Parma Ohio Storm Damage Experts 

Feazel has been helping Cleveland area homeowners with storm-damage roof restorations for decades. We maintain an A+ rating on the BBB and were awarded Residential Roofing Contractor of the Year.  

Curious about prior weather events that could have hurt your roof, check out our free storm damage report tool! If you want expert roof damage analysis from the leading roofing company in the nation, call our Parma roofing office to schedule your inspection!