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At Feazel, we get asked if a roof overlay is an option for homeowners. In this article, we’ll talk about what roof overlaying is. How it’s different from a complete tear-off, and why Feazel recommends a complete tear-off instead of a roof overlay. What Is A Roof Overlay?

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We’ve all been there, a moisture condensation stain starts to appear on the ceiling and you hope that it’s a shadow. Or just pretend that it will go away. It never does and then comes the question; what is causing this stain on the ceiling? A condensation stain on your ceiling or walls can be caus...

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A residential roof is more than shingles. There are numerous parts of a residential roof system. This article will cover what they are and what they do. Each has a specific role in helping keep your home dry and safe. They all need to work in unison to be effective.  What is a Residential Roof? (I...

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