A yellow house in Mentor Ohio that has had a roof repair job completed.

Feazel has been repairing roofs in Ohio since 1988. Over that time, we’ve helped countless Mentor residents solve their leaking roof problems. From full-roof replacement to repairs, we are here to help Lake County with its roofing needs. Estimates are always free at Feazel! Contact our customer service team today to schedule an inspection.

Roofing Services

When it comes to roofs, Feazel is the best roofing company in Mentor, Ohio. Not only do we come highly recommended by northeast Ohio residents, but we are proud to be the national Residential Roofing Contractor of the Year winner.  

Feazel provides a variety of roofing services, including, high-quality roof replacement, roof repairs, and storm-damaged roof insurance claim jobs. 

Roof Repair

Finding a company to complete roof repairs in Mentor, OH may feel like a daunting task. As a homeowner, you want to find a roofer that will do a great job from the estimate process to roof installation to cleaning up once the job is complete. 

Roof repair can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Remember, your roofing system is not only shingles. You may find a shingle in your yard which is an indicator that you should schedule a free estimate with Feazel. 

Leaking Roof Mentor Ohio

What causes a leaking roof? It could be anything from a flashing issue to a vent pipe caulking wearing down to shingles blowing off the roof. What’s important is that you have a trusted roofing company to conduct the inspection. 

Why should you have a trusted roofing company inspect and repair your leaky roof? 

Often, it boils down to a warranty. Working with a long-standing roofer that is local will save you from potential headaches down the line. Using the same roofer for repairs is like having one mechanic work on your car. They are aware of the changes and repairs that have come over time. 

Fascia Replacement in Mentor

Additional parts of your roof that may require repair could be fascia. Your fascia supports your starter shingles and holds your gutter system. Fascia can fail when continually exposed to moisture. The moisture can come from clogged gutters which leave standing water along the fascia. 

Preserving your fascia is directly tied to cleaning your gutters twice a year. Conducting gutter inspections while cleaning will give you insights into the condition of the fascia and will give you the opportunity to get ahead of any potential issues. 

Moisture isn’t the only thing that can damage your fascia. Insects and small critters can ruin your fascia as well. 

Depending on the fascia material, carpenter bees can bore holes in fascia and those openings create an entrance to your eaves for moisture or more insects to enter your home. Squirrels can gnaw on the fascia which will create openings as well. These openings can allow critters like squirrels, chipmunks, or mice to enter your home.

Improper Venting Can Lead to Roofing Problems

Mentor roofing companies know the importance of ventilation in a home. Moving cool air into the attic through soffit vents and expulsing hot/ humid air out of the ridge vent is a healthy way to keep your roof healthy.  

What happens if your vents are blocked? A blockage will trap heat in your attic. Hot and humid air trapped in your attic will create an environment conducive to mold growth. Not to mention, the excess heat in your attic will permeate into lower levels of your home and cause you to pay more in HVAC bills during the hot Mentor summers. 

Furthermore, venting problems can lead to ice dam formation in the winter months. This is where your attic is too warm and causes snow and ice to melt. As the water hits the eaves, which are colder, it refreezes and creates an ice dam. The ice dam will grow and potentially back- up under your shingles resulting in roof leaks and leaks inside the walls of your home.

Storm Damage Roof Repair

Your Mentor roof protects you from hot summers, lake effect snow, and extreme weather. Your roof can handle typical weather like snow, rain, heat, and cold. But weather events change everything.

Hailstorms can leave imperfections in your shingles. These imperfections are small dents that may not be visible from the ground and not visible to an untrained eye. These can leave small cracks in the shingle surface which will allow moisture to permeate the shingle and ultimately create a small leak. 

High winds can lift shingles and even tear them. It’s common to find shingles in the yard after a strong windstorm. High wind events mean that you are due for a roof inspection.  

Feazel completes insurance-based roof repairs and replacements. We’ve helped countless Ohioans with roof restoration that will bring your roof back to pre-storm levels. If you are curious about a weather event, check out our free roof damage report! Our team will reach out to see if you would like a free inspection.

Roof Replacement

Roofs will wear out over time. Blistering hot summers, frigid winters, and extreme weather events in Mentor will cause gradual erosion of your roof. Sometimes, a roof repair won’t act as a temporary band-aid and a complete roof replacement is required. 

A total roof replacement will get your roof a nice reset from the decking to the shingles. Ventilation issues from the old roof will be addressed. Furthermore, roofing technological advancements will update your roofing system to be more in tune with modern roofing needs.

Feazel is the Leading Roofing Contractor in Mentor Ohio

Feazel proudly offers free roofing, siding, gutter services, and window replacement estimates for northeast Ohio including Cleveland and surrounding areas. Our Parma office travels throughout the Cleveland area conducting roof inspections.  

Our process for getting an appointment is easy. Simply call or email us and our team will take your information and pass it to one of our inspectors. The inspector will reach out to schedule an appointment that works with your availability. Contact us today to get started!