Roof leaks often go unnoticed until they’ve already caused extensive damage to your home. Unfortunately, until you discover a water spot on your ceiling, it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint the cause and location of a leak. While loose or aging shingles are often to blame, it’s not unheard of for leaks to be caused by missing flashing around a chimney or other issues that are easy to miss. That’s why we’re here to help! At Feazel, our residential roofing team put their heads together to bring you the top four signs that we most often see when repairing or replacing a leaky roof that could help you save money if you catch them early. Let’s take a look.

Signs That Your Roof May Develop a Leak

Ice Dams and Icicles 

Ice dams and icicles can cause extensive damage to your roof and gutters, and can be a major cause of future leaks. As the water freezes and thaws, it works its way into your roof, pushing shingles up and creating space for water to get into your attic. This can lead to a devastating leak that’s difficult to find until it’s too late. If you find that your roof often has issues with ice damming and uneven melting, you should have it inspected immediately to prevent future damage. 

Water Stains

Water stains are one of the biggest indicators of a leak and should be investigated immediately. Check the exterior of your roof for any visible damage, and the inside of your attic for any moisture. This is best done after a rainstorm, as the area should be most visible. Most asphalt roofs last around 20 years, but that number varies based on the climate and weather conditions. It’s important to keep an eye out and inspect your roof once a year to ensure it’s functioning properly. If you notice any areas of moisture, make sure to take action as soon as possible as these moisture areas can start to mold or rot, leading to costly repairs.

Snow in the Attic

While it may seem obvious, attic snow is one of the major tell-tale signs that you are in need of a roof repair and should not be avoided. Snow can enter your home in several ways, from vents to loose shingles, and should be investigated any time it’s discovered. During the winter months, periodically look around your attic for pockets of built-up snow and take action quickly if you spot any. 

Damaged Shingles

Damaged shingles are never a good sign, and can quickly lead to moisture getting into your home. It’s a good idea to take a look at your roof after a heavy storm to assess your roof’s health. If you see lifted, cracked, or even missing shingles, make sure to call the roofing experts at Feazel to repair it before it gets worse. 

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