Ask yourself: Have you checked the condition of your windows lately? If you live in an older home with older windows, chances are they need an upgrade. Aging windows are more than just an eye sore, they can actually be doing much more harm than good. 

Windows that are more than 20 years old and are wood or aluminum just aren’t as efficient or useful as they could be. They raise your energy costs, let in the cold, and allow condensation to damage your home. So have you considered new replacement windows? If you’re thinking about upgrading, the window specialists at Feazel can help. Our experts can replace your aging windows quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry. Learn all about how to tell if it’s time to replace your windows below!

Breaks or damage

If you have windows that don’t open and shut properly or that have broken glass, missing locks, or other maintenance issues, consider investing in replacement windows. Not only is it a security risk to not be able to open and close – or lock – your windows, you are probably not able to do simple things like enjoy a spring breeze or get them sparkling clean (at least not easily).

Additionally, broken or damaged windows are likely letting in hot air and allowing cool air to escape. Maybe you’ve fixed the damage or covered it with a tarp or plastic. However, the best fix is a new window, which can stop the leaks and save you cash. Plus, your home will look updated and well-maintained and you won’t have to worry. 

Heat Loss

Older windows just aren’t that great at keeping cool air in and hot air out in the winter, and you could be letting money fly right out the (ahem) window every month. Keeping more warm air inside means you won’t have to run your heat as much – which translates into energy savings (aka more money in your pocket!). How do they do this? There are a few ways. Newer windows come with newer seals that are better at sealing your home. They also can have double or even triple panes, for better insulation and less heat transference.

Quality of life

New windows have a variety of benefits that will improve your quality of life. They dampen the outside noises, keeping your indoor life separate from the outside. They can be easily cleaned and maintained, so they look nicer for longer. They save you money by cutting energy costs and they simply look better, increasing curb appeal. Overall, they can make your home life better. 

At Feazel, our window experts can replace your windows affordably and efficiently. Whether your windows are in dire need of replacement, or just aging and need to be inspected, we can help.

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