Have you decided on new replacement windows this spring? Congratulations. It’s an exciting time.

As you prepare to start the search for a reputable contractor to install your new replacement windows, you might be wondering what questions you should ask to get the best windows for the best price.

When shopping for new replacement windows, there are a few things you need to ask of any prospective contractor. Read on:

What Kind of Window Warranty Do You Get?

New replacement windows aren’t cheap and they should come with a rock-solid warranty to help you protect your investment – and insure that you will be happy with your choice.

There are different kinds of warranties depending on the contractor and the new window replacement manufacturer, so make sure to ask what’s offered.

How Durable Are The Windows?

Getting new replacement windows is a big investment and you want to make sure it lasts! So, make sure the type of window you are shopping for is going to go the distance in your home. There are many different options, materials and new technologies to consider, so ask which is the best option for you – for the budget you have!

What's Their Reputation?

When you are hiring a contractor to replace your windows, you want to make sure you are hiring someone who will not only do the job correctly, but will be around for the long haul to help you, should issues arise with your new replacement windows.

Do some homework! Ask for referrals, check the Better Business Bureau and read reviews. And make sure you hire a fully insured and licensed contractor!

Does The Style Match My Home?

Of course, you want your new windows to be efficient and work correctly, but you also want them to LOOK good, right?

It’s a great idea to talk to your contractor about matching your new replacement windows with the current style and feel of your home. Take a walk around your neighborhood, too. See what others are doing and get a feel for what looks good and what is on trend.

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