Dragging out the ladder is a rite of fall passage that every homeowner knows about. Home maintenance in the form of gutter cleaning is one of the most important things you can do every fall. If you’re a first-time homeowner, here are your tips to prevent any gutter problems from developing.  

Gutter Cleaning 101 

Removing any leaf, branch, and dirt debris from your gutters before winter sets in is a great preventative maintenance to prevent any damage to your home.  

If your roof is high and you are uncomfortable with climbing a ladder. We would recommend that you call a gutter cleaning service to clean your gutter system. Hiring a professional is the safer route if heights are an issue. They will help clear your gutters and downspouts of any debris to get your home ready for winter.  

Things You Will Need to Clean Your Gutters 

Gather all the supplies you need before tackling the job. There is nothing worse than not having the appropriate supplies in order to complete your gutter cleaning. 

  • Ladder- you will need one of these to access your gutters. Typically, an extension ladder is needed. Extension ladders are available at home improvement stores, or you can rent one from rental agencies in your town.  

  • Gloves- often gutters have leaves, pine needles, dirt and more. This debris will start to decompose and have an odor. Wear gloves so you aren’t scrubbing your hands for hours to remove the smell. Bonus points for a waterproof glove! 

  • Non-Slip Shoes are good to have as you will be working at a height and around water. Prevent injury by being preventative. 

  • Garden hose helps spray out the gutters once most of the debris has been removed. You have a gutter or downspout blockage if you start to see a back-up while spraying. 

  • Gutter scoops are the perfect shape and size for debris removal. Many home improvement stores carry something like these. They make debris removal a breeze and being quick and efficient while on the ladder is always beneficial.  

  • Buckets are handy to collect gutter debris. Otherwise, you can throw it on the ground and let it decompose there. Collecting it in a bucket prevents a messy looking yard. 

What Clogged Gutters Can Do to Your Home 

Clogged gutters will restrict water flow off your roof and where it goes from there can be anyone's guess. Typically, clogged gutters overflow onto the ground which is problematic for your foundation and basement.  

The excess water will then sit in your gutters which may result in early fascia rot. As the weather gets colder, the excess water will freeze. Frozen solid gutters create big problems for your home especially if there is snow or ice to make the blockage bigger.  

This can create an ice dam which prevents drainage of melted ice or snow. As ice dams expand, they can push up shingles and create leaks within your home. Ice dams add weight to your roof and gutters and can even lead to your gutters being ripped off from your home leading to gutter repairs or replacement. 

Fascia Board Health 

Fascia board supports your gutters. Rot can set in if they are exposed to water due to clogged gutters. Additionally, the gutters can start to pull away from the roof and leave an area for rainwater to continue to dampen your fascia.  

While doing your gutter cleaning, take an extra moment to look at your fascia board. If it’s starting to rot or pull away, call the team at Feazel for a free estimate. Fascia board that is in good condition helps keep water moving off your roof easily.  

Additionally, while not gutter related, small animals or insects have been known to bore holes in fascia. While inspecting, look for openings that may have been created by squirrels or carpenter bees. If you notice holes in the fascia, check your attic to ensure that you do not have an infestation in your home.  

How to Prevent Clogged Gutters 

The best way to restrict your rain gutters from getting clogged is to install gutter guards. These are typically metal with small openings to allow rainwater in and block any debris from entering your gutter system. Some fine pine needles may enter, and dirt will still find its way into your gutters. That said, gutter guards do an exceptional job blocking leaves and sticks. 

Local Gutter Company Near Me 

Fall is a great time to perform outdoor maintenance to ensure that your home is ready for the next cold snap. Feazel completes gutter installation for homeowners in all the markets we serve. If your gutters are in disrepair, leaking, and causing damage to your home and its exterior, then it’s time to call Feazel for a free inspection.