When a Columbus area homeowner went up on his roof this spring to check on things, he was faced with the unhappy prospect of needing a new roof. Fortunately for this homeowner, Bob Oman, he chose Feazel and its professional roofers to handle the job. The unpleasant roof inspection in the spring led to a happy homeowner with durable and more attractive shingles. Oman says he was conducting routine maintenance in the spring, cleaning his gutters, and he noticed more debris than usual. There was tiny gravel in the gutters that had washed away from the deteriorating asphalt shingles and collected there. “There were more and more shingles that were starting to crack. There were nails exposed,” he says. “So I decided it was about time, and I needed the roof replaced.” Oman says plenty of his neighbors in the Sunbury, Ohio, area have had roof repairs and replacements, and he paid attention to the signs in the yards and began looking up the roofing companies online.

“I didn’t realize Feazel was there in Westerville, which was just down the road from us,” he says. “I just felt they were a little more established than some of the others, and that’s why I leaned toward them.” Mark Daggett, a Field Supervisor with Feazel, met with Oman and confirmed that the 1967 ranch home needed a new roof and gutters. He says he’s not surprised Oman decided to choose Feazel for his Columbus Ohio roofing. “We pride ourselves on doing every house with the same high quality,” says Daggett. “No shortcuts. We back it up with the warranty.” Oman says once work was underway, the Feazel crew was impressive. “I thought everybody conducted themselves in a professional and cordial manner, which I appreciated,” he says. “Everything was done when they said it was going to be done.”

Oman says Feazel’s quality workmanship became evident when the roofers came to the chimney flashing. “We have a very large chimney that goes up through the roof and we’ve had leaking situations in the past,” he says. “They were very meticulous and I like they way they did their flashing.” Oman chose the GAF shingles in a modern black sculpted style. “I thought the shingles went very well with the rest of the house,” he says. Daggett says he is confident Oman’s project will stand the test of time. “We’re really glad Mr. Oman was pleased with the work,” he said, adding that the shingles are backed by GAF’s lifetime warranty, and the workmanship is backed by Feazel’s warranty.