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Solon, Ohio Roofers

For over 30 years, Feazel has been serving Ohioans that need high-quality roofing systems. We provide a plethora of home exterior services that include roofing, gutters, siding, windows, and more.  

Our roofing installers have earned countless industry awards from the national Residential Roofing Contractor of the Year to GAF Presidents Club. If you are in the market for a highly recommended roofing contractor that serves Solon, Feazel is an excellent choice. Simply contact our customer service team to schedule an appointment today.  

Free Solon Roof Inspections 

At Feazel, our roof inspections are free. This process will look at the condition of your shingles, ventilation, flashing, rubber exhaust boots, and more. Our team will review the findings with you and advise on the next course of action.  

What’s important is that you have roof inspections conducted semi-regularly. There are times when you should absolutely schedule an inspection, for instance, after an extreme weather event.  

Homeowners may not be able to identify storm damage. They may require an expert opinion to properly address and identify any storm damage to a roof system.  

Once your Solon roof hits a certain age, homeowners should schedule regular inspections to be ahead of any developing issues. Don’t wait for a damp spot to form on your ceiling!   

Residential Roofing Services in Solon Ohio 

When it comes to roofing, Feazel looks at it in several different categories. There are repairs, replacements, and insurance-based roof work. Each is slightly different and has a different process in place.  

Our teams are trained in the process of identifying basic repairs in addition to identifying storm-damaged roofs. We will gladly offer insights to help you navigate the insurance claim process. 

Roof Repair 

Not all roof repair is created equal. Some of the more common types of Solon roof repair that we encounter are as follows: 

  • Shingle damage 

Shingles can become warped, broken, or cracked over time. This may not be related to storm damage, it could be improper installation, or just general wear and tear. 

  • Flashing repair 

Flashing is installed where a vertical facing meets your roof. These areas have a high propensity for leakage. Your flashing is likely metal and sealed off with caulking.  

Flashing can wear out over time (think rusting) or can pull away when your home settles. When it pulls away, small openings can appear which allow water into your home. 

Additionally, the caulking can become damaged during a weather event. Or throughout northeast Ohio temperature fluctuations can cause caulking to wear out. 

  • Soffit and fascia replacement 

Soffit and fascia aren’t the flashiest part of your roof system but when your soffit or fascia needs repair, they really need repair. When your soffit needs repair, you may experience an area of rot or animal or insect damage. This can allow moisture into the eaves of your roof and allow animals or insects to make the inside of your roof their home. Not a good scenario! 

Fascia can experience the same level of animal/ insect wear and tear. Rot due to exposure to moisture can cause your gutters to pull away or sag which can lead to problems with a leaky basement or foundation wear.  

  • Venting  

Roof venting allows your attic space to breathe. A build-up of heat and humidity in your attic can lead to early shingle failure, mold, mildew growth, and rot. With a climate like the one found in Solon, ice dam formation in the winter is a distinct possibility.  

Roof Replacement Contractors in Solon 

Feazel frequently finds homes that require complete roof replacement in Solon. While this may feel like a large task, the team at Feazel has replaced countless roofs in northeast Ohio and we can take it from here. We’ll cover the permits, pick-up and drop-off of the roll away dumpster, and yard clean-up after we’ve installed your brand-new roof.  

A complete roof replacement entails removing all the layers of your roof down to the decking. The decking acts as the foundation to your roof system. Once our team can visibly check the condition of your decking, we will conduct a survey of the condition. We will look for mold, mildew, rot, and signs of warping.  

If your existing roof decking has any of these ailments, we will want to replace it to ensure that we are not building a new roof on a questionable foundation.   

Get a Roof with a Lifetime Warranty  

Getting a total roof replacement has many benefits. Homeowners in Solon will be able to get a lifetime warranty for their GAF shingles. There are different tiers of warranty available, and it has to do with what type of roof shingles you choose. Your customer service representative will be able to walk you through all the options.  

Additionally, roof warranties are transferrable. Meaning that if you sell your Solon home, you can transfer the warranty to the new homeowner. There are restrictions with warranty transfers that our sales team will explain to you when you purchase a new roof from Feazel.  

Solon’s Premier Storm Damage Roofing Company 

Solon averages 6 feet of snow a year. That’s nearly three times the average amount of snow the rest of the country receives. Factor in temperature fluctuations with the freeze/ thaw cycle and your roof can experience a lot of wear and tear.  

Storms can impact residential homes differently. Some homes may receive damage while the ones across the street may not have any issues.  

Solon Area Roofers That Work with Insurance Companies 

Extreme weather events like hail, wind, and storms can create different problems with your roof system. You may experience dropped branches that can compromise your roof system. Hail hits that crack shingles, or extreme wind that can lift and blow off shingles. 

Feazel has helped homeowners navigate the intricacies of insurance roof claims. We understand that it may be the first and only time a homeowner has to use their home insurance and the process may be convoluted and unfamiliar. 

Best Solon Roofers Near Me 

There is a reason that Feazel is synonymous with quality work. We always put our customers first. Our Parma office has earned high ratings on Google for our attention to detail. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection!