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GAF Solar Shingles Installation in Raleigh

You only want to make the best investments into your home. What option should you choose for residential solar? Although the needs of each home are different, the GAF Timberline Solar roofing system is well worth considering.

At Feazel, we are proud to be a Raleigh solar roofing company that installs this product. We are an A+ BBB rated business with more than 35 years of experience, and our team is uniquely qualified to install solar roofing because we are not your average solar panel installers; we are expert roofers, too. 

What are GAF Solar Shingles?

GAF developed a new line of replacement roofing that includes a combination of their premium asphalt shingles with solar shingles—a shingle that harnesses energy from the sun to provide power for the home. This allows homeowners that need a new roof to invest in solar energy at the same time.

A Solar Roof is Different Than Solar Panels

Solar panels are not roofing materials. They are panels that are installed onto the roof using a rack mount system. GAF’s Timberline Solar roofing system is made of nailable solar shingles—the only of its kind—so they are not panels at all. Here are some additional features that differ from solar panels:

  • Custom Shingle Color Options
  • A Sleek Appearance that Integrates with the Roof
  • Fast and Easy Solar Shingle Installation

Benefits of Solar Roof in Raleigh, NC

Why choose a solar roofing system in Raleigh, NC? Below are some of the benefits that you can keep in mind when deciding if this residential solar option is right for you.

The Value of Your Property Will Increase with Solar Shingles

You might be wondering if adding solar energy to your home increases or decreases the property value. Zillow conducted a survey to help answer this question, and they found that the average home increases in value by 4% after having a solar system installed.

Energy Prices Continue to Rise. With Solar, You Own the Production

Saving money on energy costs is one of the main reasons why homeowners invest in solar energy, and this is even more applicable today. Energy prices are on the rise, and having your own, independent energy source can stabilize and reduce your energy costs.

Going Green Helps Reduce Reliance on Fossil Fuels

Are you concerned about fossil fuel use and carbon emissions? The power generated by your solar roof does not require the use of fossil fuels, and since your new roof is guaranteed to last for at least 25 years, you can make a huge difference.

An Industry-Leading Solar Warranty

GAF stands by their products with some of the best warranties in the industry. Their solar warranty offers dual protection, both as a roofing warranty and as a solar warranty, and it provides 25 years of protection for your investment.

Certified as a Shingle and a Solar Panel

Since the GAF Timberline Solar roof is both a roofing and a solar energy product, it underwent vigorous testing to ensure that it meets necessary standards in both regards. Moreover, this product can only be installed by a factory-trained and certified solar shingle company, and we provide the expertise that you need.

Award-Winning Roofers and Innovative Green Technology

It doesn’t get much better than this. When you pair the state-of-the-art solar roofing that GAF developed with our decades of roofing and solar experience, you’re guaranteed a great result. We are A+ BBB rated, a GAF Certified Green Roofer, and “Roofing Contractor of the Year.”

Using the NC Solar Tax Credit for GAF Solar Shingles

North Carolina provides a tax credit for homeowners that invest in residential solar energy. This credit is worth 30% of the cost of your solar system, and this extends to GAF’s solar roofing products. Contact your tax preparer for more information.

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Finding a reliable Raleigh solar shingle company is the first step toward making your home greener. Check that box now that you found Feazel. Call us today to learn more about our products and installation service, or to get a free cost estimate.