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Durham Solar Panel Installation

Energy consumption doesn’t have to drain your bank account. A solar panel installation is a sustainable energy source that can help you see long-term savings. At Feazel, our solar panels are designed to maximize energy and performance while staying within your budget. For 35+ years, our Durham solar panel company has provided services that give you the most value for your home. You can turn to our local remodeling company for tailored services and expert solutions.

Benefit From Durham’s Solar Power Technology

As Durham’s professional solar panel installation team, we make sustainable energy a convenient choice for your home. Investing in a high-value update doesn’t have to cost premium prices or take too much time. Instead, we offer timely installations and cost-effective prices. Our local solar panels are installed in your roofing system during one simple process. Once our installation is done, you’ll notice instant benefits.

Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

When you add solar panels to your roofing system, you’re increasing the value and desirability of your house. Many homeowners look forward to homes with solar power systems for their ability to lower energy costs. This way, your investment will continue to pay off.

Receive Maximum Warranty Coverage

Our solar panel systems come with even more benefits when you take advantage of our dual warranties. We add protection to each part of your solar panel installation. This way, your roof, solar panel, and labor will all be covered.

Reduce Your Use of Fossil Fuels

Traditional methods of powering your home rely on harmful fossil fuel consumption. But when you switch to a home solar panel installation, you’re making the move towards a renewable, clean energy source. Our solar panels harness the sun’s energy to keep your home comfortable each day without depending on fossil fuels.

Apply for Money-Saving Tax Credits

There are a variety of incentives to solar panel energy, including tax credits. When you apply for your federal and state taxes, you may be eligible to qualify for a variety of credits. This way, you’ll get money back for your investment, making solar an even more affordable upgrade.

Contact Durham’s Solar Panel Company to Begin!

Call Feazel today to learn more about the benefits of our remodeling services. We offer home improvements for solar panels, roofing, storm repairs, and more. When you contact our Durham team, we’ll get you started with a professional inspection and reliable pricing!