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Get Your Roof Inspection Columbus Ohio

Since 1988, Feazel has been a trusted roofing company that residents can count on for high-quality roofing services. From roof repairs to roof replacements, we provide a variety of services that are tailored to making sure your roof is in good condition.  

Of course, one key part of any roofing service is a roof inspection, which is what we provide here! With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and distinction as a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, we are the go-to roof inspection company for commercial and residential roof inspections in Columbus, OH!  

Exceptional Roof Inspection Service 

When you need only the best roof inspection services in Columbus, it is hard not to choose Feazel for your roof inspection needs. As an experienced roofing company, we understand how important a roof inspection is, which is why provide free residential and commercial roof inspections in Columbus, OH to determine what condition your roof is currently in to determine if you need a roof repair or roof replacement. 

 From strong storms to daily exposure to the sun, your roof can accumulate a lot of wear over time, which is why inspecting can help prevent small damage from turning into bigger, costlier ones.  

When you get a Columbus roof inspection done by the roofers here at Feazel, you can expect: 

  • Thorough Inspection: Conducting a roof inspection requires a trained eye since roof damage can come in different forms. Our roof inspection specialists here at Feazel have many years of proven experience when it comes to roof inspections. They will carefully inspect every part of your roof for holes, leaks, dents, and other signs of roof damage. Doing so will help them compile a complete damage report as well as an accurate estimate.  

  • Detailed Reports: Once the roof inspection has been completed, we will provide you with a detailed damage report that shows the condition of your roof. Our roof inspection experts will walk you through each part of the report for full transparency.  

What We Look for During Our Inspection Process 

Your roof system is more than just shingles on your home. There are components that tie together to help keep your home safe from rot, wear, and moisture damage. The expert roof inspectors at Feazel will conduct a thorough inspection and inform you of our recommendations.  

There are numerous parts of your roof that we’ll look at to gauge the condition of your roof. We’ll verify the need for repairs or if we find enough wear, talk about the process of tearing off shingles and merit a whole new roof.  

We’ll inspect the following parts of your roof. 

  • Inspect the condition of the roofing shingles 

  • Spot check for spotted or damaged shingles 

  • Look for shingle granules in your gutters and downspouts 

  • Conduct an inspection of the flashing and ventilation pipes 

  • Ensure that roof vents are not blocked 

  • Confirm the gutters are firmly attached and not leaking 

  • Stains on roof decking 

  • And more 

How Often Should I Get a Roof Inspection in Columbus Ohio? 

How Old Is Your Roof? 

The age of your roof doesn’t necessarily impact how often you should get an inspection. The truth of the matter is that the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends getting a roof inspection completed twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall.  

Storm Damaged Roof 

Storm damage is the roofing anomaly. Strong storms can compromise a brand-new roof. After severe weather, conduct a visual inspection of your property, inside and out.  

Have you found a roof leak? Reach out to insurance about starting an insurance claim and then call Feazel. 

Hailstorms will often lead to roofing companies canvassing door to door to set up meetings. If you are unsure if a roofer is legitimate and want to avoid roofing scams, make sure they represent a roofing company.  

If you’ve never heard of the company, check the BBB scam tracker. Do not let anyone on your roof without permission and beware of unsolicited offers of quick repairs without completing a thorough inspection of your roof. 

Get Started with a Free Roof Inspection Today 

Whether you need a roof inspection for insurance or want one for peace-of-mind, there is no better roofing company in Columbus than Feazel. Give our roofers a call today to learn more about our roof inspection services as well as other roofing services. To schedule a free roof inspection, make sure to fill out our online form to get set up with one!