Rack mounted solar panel attached to the roof of a home.

There is a big push for homeowners to install solar panels. Generating your own solar energy has never been easier. In fact, there are government tax credits that make solar power an easy decision. With such ease of installation and usage come many questions that homeowners may not think about.  

Solar panels need the sun to be able to generate electricity. But do solar panels need direct sunlight to function at their peak? 

Direct sun exposure matters. Indirect light does generate some electricity in solar systems but to effectively move the needle, the more direct sunlight the better. However, indirect sunlight still moves the needle but just not as much as direct sunlight.  

How Many Hours of Sunlight are Needed for Solar Panels? 

You will want your solar panels to receive four to five hours of direct sunlight daily. Peak sun is between 10 am and 3 pm, and those are the times that the sun is highest in the sky. It is also the best time for direct sunlight and your panel array to soak up the rays.  

The more sun your panels can get access to, as the sun moves across the daytime sky, the better. 

How Do Cloudy Days Affect Solar Panels? 

Clouds matter with solar generation. The thicker the cloud cover, the less solar energy will be generated. However, thin, high-altitude clouds allow plenty of solar energy to reach your solar panels. 

Can I Generate Solar Energy on Rainy Days? 

Rainy days can still generate solar power. The amount of energy harvested will be reduced. It all depends on how thick the associated cloud cover is with the rainy weather.  

Does my House Get Enough Sun for Solar Panels? 

The amount sun your roof receives is on a case-by-case basis. South and east facing roof slopes are the preferred roof “sweet spot” to place solar panels.  

Are there trees that shade your home?  

Or nearby buildings or homes that block sunlight from getting to your roof?  

If your roof is free and clear of potential shading, you are good to go!  

If your roof is not an option, ground mount solar arrays are another choice. These will take up a portion of your yard. Much like solar on your roof; trees and shade will limit your solar production. However, installing a large run of ground mount can position them in the perfect place to harvest as much energy as possible.  

Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter? 

Summer hours are great for solar panels. That is because of the long days to capture sunlight. The winter months shorten the days, and the sun is not as high in the sky which will lessen solar production. However, sunny winter days will still produce solar electricity but just not as much as those long summer days. 

What Solar Panels are Right for my Home? 

The team at Feazel have two solar product offerings and what is best for your roof is dependent on the condition of the roof.  

Solar panels are a great fit for homes that have newer roofs. These are typically roof rack mounted panels installed by professional roofing experts at Feazel. We recommend panels for newer roofs because the rack mounts need to rest on a sturdy, uncompromised structure to rest on.  

Feazel recommends the GAF Timberline Solar Shingle for homes that need a total roof replacement. The GAF Timberline Solar Shingle is a dual-purpose solar panel and roofing shingle. Both products carry a warranty. It’s a great product to turn your shingles into solar generating shingles.  

Our sales team will review the condition of your roof and discuss what solar option works best for your home. Feazel has great financing options for the next evolution of your roof. Contact us today to get more information about a solar loan from Feazel 

Feazel is a Leading Roofing Company and Solar Installer 

There are many solar companies out there. How can you choose the right one for your home? The team at Feazel brings award-winning roofing credibility to your solar installation. For 35 years, we’ve served homeowners and provided the peace of mind that their roof has been installed to the highest possible standards. When looking for a trusted solar contractor, look no further than Feazel. Contact us today to schedule a free solar assessment.