A green house with freshly cleaned James Hardie siding.

James Hardie siding has a reputation for being an extremely resilient siding option for homeowners throughout the country. The reputation is much deserved but how do you clean James Hardie fiber cement siding?  

In this blog post, Feazel will discuss how you can keep your home looking brand new by cleaning your Hardie board siding. Let’s get into some of those most asked questions!  

How Often Should I Clean Hardie Board Siding? 

Feazel recommends doing a siding cleaning twice a year, in the spring and the fall. The reason we recommend these two seasons is that your home siding may sustain damage during the extreme seasons of summer and winter.  

Dirt, bird droppings, pollen, and more can accumulate on your siding throughout the year. Because of this, your siding can start to look a little dirty. 

It’s our recommendation that you conduct gutter cleaning, window cleaning/ inspection, and siding cleaning during those months to ensure that your home is ready for summer/ winter. It may behoove you to schedule a roof inspection as well.  

Is It Safe to Power Wash Hardie Board? 

Using a pressure washer to clean your Hardie siding is not recommended. This is due to the high-pressure blast of water that can damage your siding. Using a low-pressure garden hose is the recommended water source to clean your siding.  

Can You Clean Hardie Board with Bleach? 

Using harsh chemicals seems like a great way to ensure that dirt and debris are removed from your Hardie siding, right? 

Not at all, in fact, bleach may erode the sealant on the Hardie Board. When in doubt, go with the tried-and-true methods to clean your siding; dish soap and water. Here is what you need for your siding to keep your siding looking brand new! 

Top Tips for Cleaning Fiber Cement Siding 

Visit the home improvement store before starting this project to get exactly what you need.  

  • Garden hose 

  • A soft cloth or soft sponge 

  • Mild dishwashing soap (such as Dawn) 

  • A soft-bristled brush (do NOT use a metal bristle brush) 

  • Brush extension if you need one 

Now that you have accumulated all the proper products to start your project, find a day on the calendar that is not raining. An overcast day is a great option so that water doesn’t dry quickly on the siding. Once you’ve found the perfect day, let’s get into the how-to clean your siding. 

How to Clean Hardie Board Siding  

The cleaning method is like other siding materials. Work in small sections to ensure that the water doesn’t dry before you get a chance to wipe it down. Follow these steps to keep your siding looking brand new. 

  • Start at the top and work down 

  • Rinse the area with your garden hose  

  • In a side-to-side motion, wipe off dust or dirt 

  • Rinse the area from top to bottom 

Follow these tips if you have difficult spots to clean: 

  • Mix a cap of dish soap and water in a bucket  

  • Rinse the area with a hose 

  • Rub the soft cloth, sponge, or bristled brush to remove the dirt and grime  

  • Always rub the brush in the direction of the planks, not against the grain 

  • Rinse from top to bottom 

How Do You Remove Mold or Mildew from Hardie Plank Siding? 

Trick question alert! Hardie Board composition does not include organic matter thus making it resistant to mold and mildew formation. Buying a mold or mildew spray remover is not necessary for Hardie Board maintenance.  

Feazel is a Top-Rated James Hardie Contractor 

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