Homeowners can be rightfully suspicious when a roofing company knocks on the door unexpectedly. With a reputable exterior Cincinnati roofing and window company such as Feazel, though, such a story often has a happy ending. Several months ago, Feazel representative Mark Cramer was in the Miami Township area of Hamilton County near Cincinnati addressing hail damage to a roof. He spent some time knocking on doors in the neighborhood to see if other homeowners needed help with their hail damage as well. Dick and Dana were at home when Mark knocked on their door. “He’s a very, very nice young man,” said Dana. “I trusted him immediately.” Dick said he and his wife gave Mark permission to go up on the roof to complete Feazel’s free 17-point roof inspection, during which Mark determined the couple did have damage from the recent hail.

Covered by Insurance: Roof Replacement Cincinnati

“Hail damage was found on their shingles and roof accessories, including box vents and metal valleys,” said Mark. “I showed them pictures of the damage as well as gave them a description of what the damage will cause down the road as far as premature roof failure.” Mark asked for the name of their insurance company, then volunteered to call the insurance company, assuring the couple he was confident the damage was severe enough to be covered under their policy. “The insurance company came out, and I was there to meet with them on the roof,” said Mark. “Myself and the insurance adjuster determined that it was enough damage to deem a full roof replacement.”

A Scheduling Dream

Dick and Dana were planning to be out of state, and Mark and the Feazel crew worked around their vacation plans, scheduling the roof replacement for a time when they would be home. “He worked around our schedule. Everything was just lovely,” said Dana. “We have a large roof and it’s a lovely neighborhood and it was completed removed and replaced and cleaned up in one day.” Although Dick and Dana were not familiar with Feazel Inc. before they met Mark Cramer, they now recommend the company to others, including their daughter. Dana said after they were already very pleased with the outcome, there was one more pleasant surprise. “I was home one day when two men [from Feazel] came and knocked on the door and asked if they could check everything,” Dana said. “They went up and cleaned a few gutters they thought should have been cleaned.” “I’ll tell you, we were completely 100% satisfied,” said Dick. “They were very proactive.”