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Award-Winning Apex Roofing Contractors

Let’s face it, there are a ton of roofing companies out there. In the nearly 40 years of providing roof installation, Feazel knows that customer satisfaction is number one with Apex homeowners. There are many reasons that Feazel is highly recommended, and it all has to do with being attentive to high levels of customer service. From start to finish, initial inspection to sweeping the yard for nails, you can count on Feazel for a quality roof and a job well done.  

Free Roof Inspections in Apex, NC 

With Feazel, our first step is to conduct a free inspection of your residential roofing system. Our team of trained experts will look at the condition of your roof and provide you with a free estimate of our findings.  

Top-Rated Apex Roofing Services 

There isn’t anything more important than having a properly installed roof system. A properly installed roofing system will keep your attic temperature moderated, and help direct water away from leak-sensitive areas of your home, all while shielding your home from UV rays, hail, high wind, and more. When it comes to roof services, Feazel covers replacement, repair, and insurance company-related roof work.  

Total Roof Replacement in Apex, NC 

When your roof finally wears out, a total roof replacement is in order. What does a total roof replacement mean? 

Simply put, Feazel tears off your existing roof including asphalt shingles and ice and water shield. We get it down all the way down to the plywood decking. From there, we assess the condition of the decking. If there are considerable moisture stains, warping, mold, or rot we will have to replace the decking.  

During total roof replacement, the decking needs to be in good condition to put shingles back on top of it. Decking is the foundation of your roof system, and we cannot put a top-quality roofing shingle on compromised decking, or you will have roof problems sooner than later.  

Apex homeowners looking at a total roof replacement should look for a roofer that provides a transferable lifetime warranty. Ensure that your home is protected long-term along with a great job on your roof system. Feazel offers the ability to transfer a roof warranty to new homeowners. There are some restrictions to transferring a roof warranty to be sure to get clarity from your salesperson.  

Apex Roof Repair 

Sometimes a part of your roof needs to be repaired. It might be a missing shingle or soffit and fascia replacement. A roof repair will prolong the life of your roof. 

Apex NC Solar Shingles and Solar Panels 

Generating clean energy is easy in Apex with new solar shingles. The best part of the GAF solar shingle is that it will replace your roof and doesn’t require a roof mount system. The solar shingle is a two-fold product mixed into one; roofing shingle and solar panel. 

Storm Damage Repairs 

Apex gets 47 inches of rain per year, on average. The rest of the United States averages 38 inches. We’re talking about wet conditions in North Carolina that can be damaging to your roof, especially if your roof system isn’t installed correctly.  

With frequently wet conditions comes extreme weather, like storms, hail, and wind and all of these can create problems with your roof system and, depending on severity, may constitute getting insurance involved in the repair process 

Hail Damage in Apex 

Hail will wreak havoc on your roofing system. After a hailstorm hits, Apex homeowners should contact Feazel for their trusted opinion. Hail hits can create leaks, cause shingle granule loss, ding, and dent your shingles.  

Strong Wind Damage 

Following strong winds, Apex homeowners ought to conduct a walk-through on the outside of their homes. Look for missing shingles that have blown off and may be on the ground. You may find shingles if the wind exceeds 35 MPH. If your home experiences high winds, you may want to schedule a roof inspection.  

Additionally, if any branches have dropped onto your roof, you need to have an inspection to ensure that there isn’t any roof damage.  

Best Apex Roofing Company 

Feazel delivers great work and exceptional installation of Apex roof systems. As the Residential Roofing Contractor of the Year, we take roofing seriously. Our scheduling process is easy, simply contact us and our team will schedule a free roof inspection. We look forward to connecting soon!