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Top-Rated Roof Inspection Cleveland

With experience that dates back to 1988, it is easy to see why we here at Feazel have become a top roofing company. Throughout the years, we have helped homeowners and commercial property owners take care of their roofs by providing them with top-notch roof repair and roof installation services, which can be reflected in our A+ BBB rating along with status as a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor. To determine what roofing work you need done, we provide only the best roof inspections in Cleveland, OH. 

Excellent Cleveland Roof Inspection Services 

As a dedicated roof inspection company, we provide only the highest quality residential and commercial roof inspections in Cleveland, OH. Whether you need a roof inspection for insurance purposes or simply want to see if your roof is damaged, you want to make sure it is completed by roofers who know what to be on the lookout for. That is what you’ll get by hiring Feazel for your commercial and residential roof inspection in Cleveland, OH.  

With our roof inspection services you can expect:  

  • Complete Inspection: With your free roof inspection service in Cleveland, we will have a team of roof inspection professionals to conduct roof inspection for accurate results. They will use their many years of experience to check for signs of damage along with industry-best technology. No matter what issues may be impacting your roof, you can be assured that we will spot it and put them in your damage report.  

  • Accurate Reports: After the roof inspection has been conducted, we will then compile a detailed damage report and go over our findings with you. Not only will you know what type of condition your roof is in, but you will also get an accurate estimate as well for your roof repair or replacement service.  

Professional Inspections Keep You Informed 

Partnering with a company like Feazel to conduct a comprehensive roof inspection offers many benefits. First, Cleveland homeowners can work with a long-term roofing professional that has provided reputable roofing services since 1988.  

Second, our roof inspectors are trained in the industry leading practices. We will complete a thorough inspection of your roof system to make sure that your home is dry and safe. 

Your roof is more than roofing shingles. In fact, it has many different components that work in unison. Any component that is weakened can cascade problems to other parts of your roof and home.  

Our inspection is more than a visual inspection, our team will access your roof (and attic if applicable) to gather a complete picture of the condition of your roof.  Below are some of the components our team will inspect. 

  • Shingles 

  • Gutters 

  • Flashing and exhaust 

  • Roof ventilation 

  • Stains on decking 

Why Do I Need to Schedule a Roof Inspection? 

Let’s face it, no one wants problems with their roof. It’s stressful, can be expensive, and inconvenient. Not to mention, it can be loud and disruptive if you work from home.  

Reaching out to a trusted roofing company is like regularly seeing the doctor. Your trusted roofer will give you an analysis of what’s going on and offer preventative solutions. Much like a doctor, you should have regular roof inspections to ensure that there hasn’t been any damage from high winds, hail, or just general wear and tear.  

Learn More About Our Roof Inspections 

With a team of trained and experienced roofers along with amazing roof inspection services, Feazel has you covered for your roofing projects in Cleveland. Give us a call today with any questions you may have about our roof repair, roof replacement, and roof inspection services. Make sure to fill out our convenient online form to schedule a free roof inspection.