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Durham Solar Shingles Installation

If you’re looking to invest in your home with a sustainable, high-value upgrade, a solar roofing system is the right choice. Since 1988, Feazel has been bringing the latest technologies and services to local homes, improving our community with each project. Our Durham solar shingle company offers various methods for installation—so that you can enjoy a tailored home improvement.

GAF Solar Shingle Installation in Durham

As a solar shingle installation company in NC, we’ll help you easily switch to GAF energy with our local solar installers. Our Durham residential solar team can revitalize your roof with innovative products and award-winning services. But how can you benefit from our GAF Timberline Solar Shingles? A Timberline Solar roofing system will provide you with:

  • Quick Installation Turnaround Times
  • Wind and Water Resistance
  • Customizable, Sleek Appearances

An Easy Way to Increase Your Home’s Value

Not only do solar shingles help increase your home’s value, but they can make your property more sought after than other homes in the area. Whether you’re looking to resell right away or you’re taking your time, solar power continues to help boost resell value.

Maximize Protection with Dual Warranty Coverage

Switching to residential solar power should make you feel confident in your home. We double your protection with roofing and solar warranties. Our 25-year coverage makes sure your roof’s shingles and new solar installation are safe.

Lower Your Fossil Fuel Consumption

As the cost of energy increases, you may be looking for ways to cut costs down the line. Not only do solar shingles reduce your energy consumption, but they’re a better choice for the planet. This way, your home, your wallet, and your planet can benefit.

Innovative, Cost-Effective Technology

While solar panels are a great start to sustainable home improvements, an integrated residential solar system takes your home to new levels. Our solar shingle installations stand out for their beautiful appeal and advanced design. Unlike bulky panels, solar shingles are installed just like any other roofing materials, helping them blend right into your house.

Affordable Prices and Possible Tax Credits

After you invest in solar shingles, you can claim your upgrade with federal tax credits. This way, you can save additional costs. When you file taxes, you can see which federal and state credits you can benefit from!

Get Free Pricing From Durham’s Solar Roofing Company

Start your Durham roofing enhancement with an innovative and sustainable solar solution. Feazel helps you modernize your home with options for new roofing, home exteriors, storm repairs, and much more. Call today to schedule a free inspection and get started with your solar price quote!