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Storm Damage Roof Repair Carmel

Homeowners in Carmel, IN have the benefit of all four seasons. With a variety of weather systems comes a variety of weather events. Think about how the elements can impact your day.   

Your roof endures it all. The heat, cold snaps, wind, ice, and more. Extreme weather can impact the integrity of your roof. It’s not a normal occurrence and is more intense than standard Carmel weather.   

When an extreme weather event happens, it’s in your best interest to get a roof inspection. Feazel suggests this because we’re trained experts. Just going outside and looking up at your roof isn’t going to catch some of the subtle roof storm damage that an extreme weather event may cause.   

Feazel has a great tool that can provide the extreme weather history of your home. Simply fill the form out and you will receive a report of what extreme weather events have transpired. Our sales team will reach out to see if you would like a free roof inspection based on the findings in the report.   

Hail Repair Company Carmel Indiana 

April through September is prime hail season for Carmel though we have experienced hail as early as March and as late as November in recent years. Pea-sized hail is most common and doesn’t always cause damage unless associated with high wind. A lengthy pea-sized hailstorm increases the odds of roof damage.  

Hail damage to roof shingles depends on the roofing material that you have. The thing to remember is that hail damage is scattershot and there is no discerning pattern.   

Asphalt shingles that sustain hail damage may show;  

  • Hail dent indentations that are black  

  • Discovering shingle granules in your gutters or downspouts  

  • Pieces of asphalt shingles that appear shiny (and shinier than other shingles)  

  • Soft shingles- like a bruised apple  

It’s important to remember that your roof shingles are not the only part of your roof that can sustain hail damage.  

Flashing can become dented and rubber exhaust boots can be shredded by hail which will allow water into your ceiling.   

Gutters can become dented, and clogged, and create a sagging portion of your gutter system. Gutters are aligned to move water away from your home so any variation may cause pooling or overflow. After a hail storm, don’t hesitate to contact your leading hail damage repair roofing services company for a free estimate.  

Strong Winds Can Impact Your Carmel, IN Roof  

The most obvious form of wind damage that your Carmel home may sustain is blown-off shingles. If you notice shingles in your yard, call Feazel immediately for a free roof inspection.   

You may notice that some of your shingles are curled due to high wind. Another form of damage to be aware of is lifted shingles. This is where the wind speeds lift the shingle off the nail which can allow moisture to penetrate your roof.   

Wind damage can also come in the form of downed branches and trees which can puncture your roof shingles, knock down gutters, bend or break the flashing, and more. 

Ice Dam Creates More Than Icicles   

Carmel gets slightly less snow than the national average but that doesn’t mean that ice dams will not form on your roof. Ice dam formation is caused by poor roof ventilation and is not tied to the volume of snow received. All it takes for an ice dam to form is an attic that is too warm.  

The excess warmth in your attic can melt snow, which may seem like a good thing. That is until it meets the cold eaves. When the water hits the eaves, it will re-freeze and start to work up your roof.  

Ice expands and can force itself under your shingles and create a leak from the snow melting.  The leak may be present around your exterior walls. 

The fix for an ice dam is ventilation related and any quick fix is only temporary. However, homeowners should not attempt any quick fix that involves using tools, like hammers or chisels, to break the ice dam. Seek to solve ice dams rather than remove them.  

Tools can pierce gutters, break shingles, and more. Throwing salt on your roof is not recommended because it could cause damage to your yard after the ice melts.  Always look for a solution that will prevent ice dams so that you do not have to repeat the repair process every year.  

Feazel is Carmel’s Leading Storm Damage Repair Contractor 

The best part about working with Feazel for storm damage repairs is that we work with homeowners' insurance companies. We understand that the process may feel convoluted, and unnecessarily stressful, but we are here to support you and provide guidance with your insurance claim.  

We are here to help! All new roof installations come with a lifetime warranty. Contact us today!