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What to do if you have gutter damage in the winter

If you are like most homeowners, you probably mainly think about gutter damage in the spring and summer – if you think about it at all. But it is also important to think about gutter damage in the winter as well, when cold temperatures and the freeze/thaw cycle can wreak havoc on them. With some simple prevention and maintenance, you can cross gutter damage off your homeowner checklist.


The saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, when you think about preventing gutter damage in the winter, start prepping in the spring and summer. Make sure your gutters are in great shape and there are no broken or damaged parts. Consider our Leaf Relief system, which means your gutters will stay free of debris so water can flow freely.

Watch for snow and ice buildup

Winter’s wicked weather can cause gutter damage, so even in the colder months, you’ll need to make sure melting ice and snow can flow freely. Check for snow and ice buildup and make sure it has a clear path when it does melt. If it can’t, you can damage the gutter, get leaks or ice dams.

Seek help

If your gutters aren’t in great shape or you see ice dams, call a professional to safely remove the ice and snow and prevent further gutter damage. And consider having new gutters or a gutter guard system like Leaf Relief installed for peace of mind.

Feazel Inc. can help prevent gutter damage

Gutters are an important feature on your home. They can keep water away, preventing erosion and other damage at bay. Don’t neglect properly cleaning or maintaining them. Have questions? We can help. Contact us for a free inspection today! We’d love to come out and meet you.

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