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Roof Styles… What Kind of Roof Do You Have?

By knowing what kind of roof your house has, you can stay informed and make the best decisions regarding any future repairs or replacements you may need. At Feazel, we have years of experience repairing and replacing residential roofs, and in that time, we have come across a wide variety of roof styles. So, if you have ever asked yourself, “what kind of roof do I have?” wonder no more because we are going to share with you the different roof styles so you can know what you’re working with.

Roof Styles

There are many different roof styles that you can find on a house, and each one comes with its benefits and challenges. While some offer a superior look but require routine maintenance, others are quite the opposite in that they require minimal to no maintenance but may not look as refined as other options. 


All roof styles are valid options as long as they protect your home from the outside elements. Your home likely has one of the following roof styles, which we will cover in detail to better inform you as to what kind of roof you have.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common roof style out there. Asphalt shingles are used in more than 80 percent of home roofing and re-roofing projects in the United States. With numbers like that, it’s hard to deny that they are the best choice when it comes to roof styles.


Asphalt shingles are not only more durable than most other types of roofs, but they are substantially more affordable as well. The affordability of this roof style comes from the fact that they, like any asphalt material, are recyclable. In addition, they are easy to install, which can significantly reduce the overall labor cost of installation. 


While the color wheel of shingles is not as expansive as other roof styles, there are still several colors to choose from when going with this roof style. Another benefit of shingles is that they require little to no maintenance and are expected to last 25-30 years. 


So, if your current style of roof is asphalt shingles, then we recommend sticking to it. If you have a different roof style but are looking for a replacement, we strongly urge you to consider replacing it with shingles.

Cedar Shake Roofs

Cedar shake roofs are one of the oldest roof styles still used today. Although manufacturers of other roof styles have often tried to mimic the look of cedar shake, this style of roof provides your home with a beautiful and natural look that you just can’t get with other materials.


In addition to the beauty of a cedar shake roof, it also has excellent insulation benefits and is incredibly durable. A cedar shake roof will last nearly as long as an asphalt shingle roof, but they require much more maintenance.

Tile Roofs

While this style of roof is more commonly found on European homes, plenty of homes in the states have adopted it, especially those exposed to hot climates year-round.


When it comes to durability, tile roofs are hands down one of the best choices. Unfortunately, the life expectancy of upwards of a half-century comes with a hefty price tag. Tile roofs are one of the most expensive roof styles available to homeowners, and while they look gorgeous and last a long time, you can often expect to spend nearly double of what an asphalt shingle roof will cost.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are quickly growing in popularity, and with all of the benefits that they have to offer, it’s no surprise. The versatility of a metal roof is far superior to that of other roof styles, and you can get a metal roof in nearly any color to match the preferred style of your home.


Another major benefit of a metal roof is the fact that it can last 50 or more years, given the roof was installed correctly. Metal roofs don’t require much maintenance to uphold their durability but will need to be cleaned every now and then to ensure they look good.

Feazel Inc. Roof Replacement and Repair

Now that you know what style of roof you have and what roof styles are available, you can make a more informed decision on your new roof repair or replacement. Contact Feazel today to schedule your free inspection and be on your way to having the new roof that you and your family deserve.

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