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Since 1988, Feazel has been serving homeowners and commercial property owners with superior-quality roofing, siding, and window services. Our Yellow Springs roofing company is here to provide you with excellent customer service and outstanding products. 

We began as a small Ohio business but were so successful that we’ve expanded throughout Ohio, including the big 3 Cs, Raleigh, and Indianapolis. Our Yellow Springs roofers are passionate about keeping our town safe and beautiful by providing an array of home improvement services. 

Roof Inspections

We know how easy it can be to let a roof go for years without thinking twice about it, especially if there are no leaks. However, harsh elements can wreak havoc on your roof. Wind, ice, snow, and extreme weather can cause severe damage, and you may not realize there’s a problem until it’s noticeable and costly. 

With our regular and free inspections, you’ll know right away if there are any issues with the flashing, decking, or shingles, for example. If your roof is at risk of leaking, an inspection will help to prevent it. 

Feazel inspections are not only free but also thorough. Our Yellow Springs roofers use a 17-point inspection with the help of state-of-the-art technology that picks up problems missed by the naked eye. We often complete our inspections in less than 45 minutes and provide an accurate estimate for any repairs that may need to be done. Feazel’s team of experts knows how much your roof and budget mean to you, and it’s our priority to be upfront about your roof’s condition and any costs involved in repairing it. 

Roof Repair

If you know your roof is damaged because it’s leaking, mold-infested, or visibly falling apart, our Yellow Springs roofing company can repair it. We utilize the best equipment and practices to make sure your roof is repaired right the first time. 

Weather and unexpected natural disasters happen, but, fortunately, Feazel is here for emergencies, too. Whether your roof is affected by a terrible storm, strong wind, or a house fire, our roofers are standing by to assist in any emergency that impacts your roof. 

From shingles, flashing, and dent seals to leaks and debris cleanup, we take care of it all. 


Windows can be a terrific place to start when you’re improving your home. Whether you’re hoping to make your house look better or you’re interested in saving energy, our windows are a perfect choice.

The windows our experts install are both energy-efficient and stylish, making them the ideal way to beautify your home and protect the environment. What’s more, we only use top-quality windows from the best brands, ensuring your home is well-insulated, which could save you money in the long run. 


Feazel has partnered with James Hardie to provide you with fiber cement exterior siding. James Hardie is known as a world leader in manufacturing fiber cement building materials, and we’re honored to offer you this option for your home. 

We also offer vinyl and cedar siding as well as trims in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit your tastes, making it easy to experiment with a new look for your home. 

Roof Replacement

Sometimes, roof repair is not enough. If your roof is unsafe or unsightly, we can replace your entire roof. We combine our dedication, expertise, and technology to provide Yellow Springs’ residents with trustworthy and aesthetically pleasing roofs. 

Our roofers are experts in installing asphalt shingle roofs because they’re particularly tough, attractive, and affordable. We offer a wide array of colors and styles, so whether you’re looking for a traditional look or a bold new appearance, we’ve got you covered.

Additional Services

We take great pride in treating your home as our own. That’s why we go beyond roofing and provide additional services, as well. Our Feazel team is excited to help you improve your windows and siding, making your house even safer and more inviting. 

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your home and don’t know where to start, or if you know it’s time to replace your windows or siding, contact us. It’s easy to make those changes when you work with our contractors. 

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