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Feazel has offered expert roofing, window, and home siding services to home and business owners in the Martinsville and Indianapolis areas area since 1988. 

Our skilled roofing and home improvement technicians have developed a reputation for providing reliable, professional services and impressive customer care for more than three decades. We’re a known and trusted Martinsville roofing company, and many discerning clients attest to the quality of our services.

Regardless of the nature of your roofing requirements or the size of your project, the Feazel roofing team has the perfect solution for you and your property.

Roof Inspections

Whether your roof is old or new, it’s still susceptible to damage. Even roofs of the highest quality can be damaged by extreme weather or general wear and tear. It’s generally recommended that property owners have their roofs inspected every few years. 

Completely eliminating the risk of roof damage is impossible, but it’s certainly possible to reduce that risk. Feazel’s expert technicians are trained to identify potential problems before they pose a risk to your property. 

Repairing catastrophic damage can be a very costly endeavor; that’s why conducting regular roof inspections is not only great for identifying problems but also for saving money. 

Feazel’s thorough 17-point roof inspections achieve 99.9% estimate accuracy by using aerial imagery and 3-D-building dimensions captured by satellite. 

Roof Repair and Replacement

If your roof is in need of specialist repairs or a complete replacement, Feazel has the solution for you. 

Roofs experience a great deal of wear and tear as a result of external weather conditions. Damage and roof leaks are a common home complaint, and leaking roofs can cause significant damage in an exceptionally short period of time. That’s why you shouldn’t wait to call our trained Martinsville roofers when you notice a leak in your roof. 

Roof leaks can cause structural damage, ceiling damage, and electrical issues. Feazel’s certified technicians are experts in identifying the location and cause of your leak and repairing your roof quickly.

Feazel also deals with shingle and asphalt roof repairs, vent seal repair, flashing repairs, and complete roof replacements. 

Window Installation Services

Your home’s windows let in light and fresh air, but did you know they also help to conserve heat? Old, damaged windows become inefficient and allow heat to escape, which can lead to a significant increase in energy costs. 

At Feazel, we want to make sure your home’s temperature is always comfortable and your energy bills are low. That’s why we’re a certified Pella window contractor. Pella windows ensure you’re getting the most from your windows by using InsulShield window glass technology to prevent heat loss and give you control over your home’s climate. 

Our range of windows includes vinyl and aluminum designs that are not only effective and secure but also beautiful. That way, you’ll never have to compromise between practicality and beauty in your home. 

Feazel also offers window repair services. 

Home Siding Services

Installing home siding is a great option if you want to improve the external appearance of your home while preventing rot and keeping your energy bills down. Our fiber cement, cedar, and vinyl siding options are durable, beautiful, and available for custom design. 

Feazel is also a James Hardie siding partner. James Hardie is a leading name in the home siding industry because of the company’s cutting-edge cement fiber siding. 

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