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About Feazel’s Liberty Township Roofers

Feazel is a Liberty Township roofing company that has been working with commercial and residential clients in the area since 1988. We are a proud member of the Liberty Township community and serve clients throughout the region, including Four Bridges and Dudley Woods Metro Park.

Our team holds a number of certifications with material manufacturing companies, including GAF Materials Corporation, and we’re recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as a lead-safe business.

Since our founding, we’ve expanded our radius of service to include Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, and Raleigh. 

Roof Inspection

Professionals recommend that property owners get their roofing systems inspected once every couple of years in order to search for any damaged or aged hot spots. Local storms or high-speed winds can cause excessive damage to your roof, which can be detrimental and costly if neglected. We offer free inspections to locate and address roofing problem areas. 

Our team has access to satellite technology, allowing us to acquire accurate measurements of your home, create a 3-D model, locate external damage, and give you a quote for repairs. 

Roof Repair

No matter how new a roof is, it’s still at risk when there’s a storm. Shingles can crack or go missing, and leaks can develop, which can lead to larger problems, such as structural damage, black mold, and electrical issues. 

Our team has decades of experience locating and repairing leaks before they damage your home. We can also repair or replace shingles, fix damaged vent seals, and replace dented flashing. 

New Windows

Regardless of whether your windows have been destroyed or they’re just outdated, our Feazel team is here to help. We maintain a partnership with Pella, which gives us access to their InsulShield windows. These windows provide multiple benefits, including: Better temperature control inside the home, reliable insulation, and lower energy consumption and costs

New windows can also improve the curb appeal and value of your home. We offer both aluminum and vinyl options. 

Expert Exterior Services

Siding is another aspect of your home that is beneficial. Not only does it insulate your home to control the temperature inside, but it keeps out unwanted pests and reduces the risk of wood rot. We employ our satellite technology to create a 3-D model of your home, acquire the measurements we need, and give you a quote. 

Our siding comes in vinyl, cement, fiber, and cedar. Each of our options has been reviewed and approved by the National Home Builders Association, and it can be tested on a 3-D model of your home to give you an initial look. 

We also partner with James Hardie, a supplier who specializes in fiber cement siding designed to protect your home and maintain its appearance.

Preventative Maintenance

We assist you by increasing the value of your roof through maintenance and taking care of any issues that extend its lifespan. If during a free roof inspection we nd a developing area of concern, we’ll sit down with you and explain everything that’s needed so you can make an informed decision about your home.

One thing that can extend the life of your roof is proper cleaning on a regular basis. Many people don’t know that pressure washing can actually damage the surface of your roof. At Feazel, we use non-corrosive, biodegradable cleaning products that will have your roof looking like new without the potential for damage.

Roof Replacement

Whether your home has taken a hit from storm damage or it’s just time for some remodeling, at some point, you may want to change your roof completely. At Feazel, we have a wide variety of asphalt shingles to fit your roofing preferences. Known for their affordability, versatility, and environmental friendliness, our asphalt shingles can give you the premium roofing coverage you need at a price you can afford.

We primarily use asphalt shingles for our roofing systems because it costs less than other materials, has high durability, and is easy to replace. Asphalt shingles also come in various styles and colors, enabling you to customize your roof to your taste. 

When our team installs a roofing system, we start with a durable plywood layer and then an ice and water shield to protect the interior. Next comes the drip edge, and finally, the contractors place a double layer of shingles for extra protection. 

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Our contractors have years of experience with other exterior services, including window replacement and siding installation.

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