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About Feazel’s Hamilton Roofers

Feazel has proudly served home and business owners in the Hamilton area with their roofing needs since 1988. Whether you live near one of our many parks or you find yourself on the banks of the Great Miami River, we’re here to get your roof in top-notch shape. 

Over the past 30 years, we’ve opened up new locations in Cleveland, Dayton, Columbus, Raleigh, and Indianapolis. As a Hamilton roofing company, we’re recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as a lead-safe organization, and our team uses environmentally friendly shingles made by the GAF Materials Corporation. 

Roof Inspection

At Feazel, we offer free inspections to locate any damage done to your roofing system. Experts recommend that home and business owners get their roofs examined at least once every few years. No matter how new your roof is, heavy rain and high-speed winds can cause large amounts of damage. 
We utilize our satellite technology to quickly and easily measure the dimensions of your home, create a 3-D model, find visible damage, and give you a quote. 

Roof Repair

There’s a variety of small and large reasons you may need repairs to your roof, a storm may have damaged some of your shingles or caused a leak, which can lead to larger problems, including electrical failures, mold, and structural damage. 

Our team specializes in finding leaks and repairing them before they cause catastrophic issues. We’re also available to repair damaged shingles and vent seals and replace missing shingles and dented flashing.

New Windows

Regardless of whether your windows have been destroyed or they’re just outdated, our Feazel team is here to help. We maintain a partnership with Pella, which gives us access to their InsulShield windows. These windows provide multiple benefits, including: Better temperature control inside the home, reliable insulation, and lower energy consumption and costs

New windows can also improve the curb appeal and value of your home. We offer both aluminum and vinyl options. 

Expert Exterior Services

Similar to windows, siding comes with its own group of benefits to a home. It insulates the property, reduces the risk of wood rot, lowers energy consumption and expenses, and keeps out insects and other pests. 

We offer siding made out of cedar, cement, fiber, and vinyl. Each of our siding options has been reviewed and approved by the National Home Builders Association, and they can be viewed on a 3-D model of your home. 

Through our partnership with James Hardie, we can provide fiber cement siding products that protect the building during storms and help maintain its appearance year after year. 

Preventative Maintenance

We assist you by increasing the value of your roof through maintenance and taking care of any issues that extend its lifespan. If during a free roof inspection we nd a developing area of concern, we’ll sit down with you and explain everything that’s needed so you can make an informed decision about your home.

One thing that can extend the life of your roof is proper cleaning on a regular basis. Many people don’t know that pressure washing can actually damage the surface of your roof. At Feazel, we use non-corrosive, biodegradable cleaning products that will have your roof looking like new without the potential for damage.

Roof Replacement

The average lifespan of a roof is approximately 20 years. After this, it’s recommended that you have it replaced. There are a few other reasons you may need to get a new roof, such as irreparable damage or remodeling. 

When installing your new roof, our team first places plywood decking. Then, to protect the roof and the interior of the home, we install a water and ice shield as well as a drip edge. Finally, we lay down the exterior material for the roof. 

When installing a new roof, we use asphalt shingles. This is due to the material’s low cost, high durability, and ease of replacement. Asphalt shingles also come in a multitude of colors and styles, empowering you to personalize your roof to your taste. 

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Our contractors have years of experience with other exterior services, including window replacement and siding installation.

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