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Pella Window Replacement Indianapolis Indiana

Indianapolis homeowners trust Feazel for many different home exterior projects. Window replacement is no different than any other service that Feazel provides. We pride ourselves on providing best-in-class home improvement services for every market that we serve. 

Indianapolis homeowners can expect second-to-none customer service and a high-quality installation process with the most trusted names in home exterior brands. Since 1988, we have helped homeowners improve their homes. Just check out our A+ rating on the BBB to prove what people have said about our window company.  

Pella Windows Indianapolis  

When it comes to premier windows and patio doors, Pella offers a product that can enhance the appearance of Indianapolis homes while improving energy efficiency.  

Pella products have an aesthetic that matches the classic architecture of Woodruff Place to the modern Craftsman homes of Broad Ripple and everything in between. Wood windows, vinyl, and fiberglass will   

We all know that energy bills never seem to get any cheaper. If your current windows are drafty or have seal failure, it makes sense to schedule a free estimate to discuss the pricing of getting new windows installed.  

What is a Pella Platinum Certified Contractor?  

Not every window company is a Pella Platinum Certified Contractor, but does Feazel recommend seeking one out for your window and doors project? Absolutely! There are benefits to using the best Pella window installer near you and it has to do with the installation process.  

By choosing a Pella Platinum Certified Contractor, homeowners will work with Feazel and our Pella window and door team which is certified in the installation process.  

This means that Feazel meets all the installation requirements to ensure that your home windows are installed safely, and correctly, and meet the warranty expectations. Homeowners get peace of mind that their investment meets the world-class standards that Pella puts forth.  

Common Replacement Window Questions 

There are many windows on the market so how do you choose what window to select? What does the industry jargon mean? And does it apply to the Indianapolis Midwest climate? Do you really need new windows?  

With so many questions to answer, and it is easy to suffer from analysis paralysis, let the team at Feazel get into some of the most frequent questions we hear when it comes to replacement windows. 

When is the Best Time to Replace my Windows in Indianapolis? 

Indianapolis is one of those beautiful Midwest cities that experiences all four seasons. Regardless of your favorite season, there are seasonal advantages to getting your windows installed. Let us break it down by season to determine what works best for you. 

Installing windows in the spring provides cooler temperatures where you can turn the air conditioning off while the windows have been removed from your home. There is the danger of spring showers that can slow the installation process. Many homeowners have their projects start during the spring and summer months so there may be a delay in getting on the schedule.  

Summer months are great for window replacement. It can be hot which may cause your air conditioning to run in excess to keep your home cool. Indianapolis is no stranger to pop-up thunderstorms which can delay an installation project. 

Fall is a great month for home renovation projects. Cooler temperatures and great sunny days in Indianapolis create the perfect conditions for Feazel’s window installation team to complete your renovation project.  

Winter window installation has a benefit, it is often a quiet time for many window installers and easy to get on the schedule. The important thing to remember is that your existing windows will be removed from your home which will create an opening allowing frigid air to enter your home. This may not be important if the windows are in a room that can be closed off, so it truly depends on your home. Snow and ice may cause a delay in your window installation too. 

Truly, replacing your windows at any time is great. Your new windows will immediately outperform the old windows that are past their time while increasing energy efficiency and beautifying your home.  

Can I Replace My Windows by Myself? 

You can absolutely DIY install replacement windows. Just a fair warning, you will run the risk of improper installation which may void any warranties associated with the windows. We highly recommend using a trusted window installer to complete your installation. 

To avoid the dangers of incorrectly installing windows, we do provide financing. At Feazel, we understand that some of these products can be pricey, and we do not want you to settle for a different product that may not 100% meet your needs. Splitting payments over several months or years will make sure that you get the windows that you deserve, and you can enjoy them for years to come. 

What is the U-Factor of a Window? 

The U-Factor really starts to mean something during those frigid days in January. During those January days in Indianapolis, you may see the temperature rise as high as 36 degrees F. While your furnace is running overtime, you may be spending valuable HVAC money watching the heat leave your home through inefficient windows.  

The U-Factor is a rating system that is based on how much heat is allowed to escape. In essence, it measures how well it insulates against heat loss. The lower the U-Factor, the better the insulation. U-Factor can range from 0.20 to 1.20.  

Pella provides several window options for homeowners to choose from. Providing ENERGY STAR windows in varied materials; from vinyl, fiberglass, and wood allows homeowners flexibility in their window upgrade.  

How Often Should You Replace Your Windows? 

There is no true timeline of window longevity. It can depend on the materials. Provided that your windows live a long lift without any abnormal wear and tear, you can expect 15 years to 30 years but that is entirely dependent on the material of your existing windows.  

Replacement Window Contractor Indianapolis 

Schedule a free consultation with our team at Feazel. As one of the nation’s leading home exterior contractors, we look forward to helping you reach the goals of your home. Contact our Indianapolis office today to get the process started.