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How to Prepare Your Home for A Roof Replacement

Getting a roof replacement is a big job, but due to the infrequency of such a repair, you might not have any idea of how to prepare your home for a roof replacement. In order to protect your property and maintain the safety of your family and the workers replacing your roof, there are some preparation steps you need to take before your roof replacement. Here at Feazel, we have replaced thousands of roofs, and in that time, we have seen it all. Our unique insider perspective has provided us with a wealth of knowledge that we would like to share with you so you can know how to prepare your home for a roof replacement.


  • Move Vehicles
  • Move Outdoor Furniture & Decorations
  • Ensure Access to Power
  • Inform Neighbors
  • Secure Indoor Wall Decor & Fragile Items

Move Vehicles

Would you park your vehicle in the middle of a construction zone? Well, maybe if you worked in the field, but in most cases, you would not. A roof replacement is a construction task, and so by default, when your roof is being replaced, your home has effectively become a construction zone. Leaving your car in your driveway or an attached garage during a roof replacement increases the chances of your vehicle sustaining some kind of damage during your roof replacement.


You have spent a lot of money and time acquiring and maintaining your vehicle, so don’t let it get damaged. We advise parking your car as far away from home as possible, be it down the street or in a neighboring driveway (with permission, of course.)

Move Outdoor Furniture and Decorations

The first part of a roof replacement is removing the old roof. During this step, there is a lot of falling debris that can easily damage anything below. Suppose your yard has any outdoor furniture or decorations that can easily be damaged. In that case, we recommend moving them a safe distance away from home or at the very least informing the crew working on your roof of their existence. 


Another important consideration here is the well-being of the landscaping surrounding your home. Landscaping is expensive, and some plants are susceptible when disturbed. So, while you may not be able to dig your plants up and move them, you should alert the crew of their whereabouts so they can take extra care in avoiding those plants.

Ensure Access to power

One thing that every roofer needs is constant access to power. Scouting out your electrical situation before the work crew arrives allows them to plug in and get to work rather than spending time trying to locate the nearest outlet. Ideally, you would like to find an outlet outside your home, but if there isn’t one, you can try and figure out the next best option. Generally being an outlet in the garage or just inside a door or window.

Inform Neighbors

When it comes to good neighbors, they all seem to have at least one thing in common – they’re quiet. A roof replacement is a noisy job, and depending on the size and condition of the home, it could last several days. Once you know the date for your scheduled roof replacement, be considerate and let your surrounding neighbors know what to expect and when to expect it. By informing your neighbors about your upcoming roof replacement, you allow them to be able to plan their day around the sudden presence of noise.

Indoor Wall Decor & Fragile Items

If you have never had your roof replaced before, you might not know that it can cause quite a lot of vibration on the inside of the home. Occasionally, this has rattled wall decorations and fragile items to the point of falling. By removing your decorations from their high up resting place before your roof replacement, you remove any risk of them falling and potentially becoming damaged.

Feazel Roof Replacement

Here at Feazel, we know roof replacement better than most, and we want to help you prepare for yours. Proper preparation for a new roof replacement protects your property, ensures the safety of the workers and your family, and even results in a faster job. If you have any further questions about roof replacement or how to prepare for yours, contact us today and schedule a free inspection! We are more than happy to help.

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