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How Feazel Estimates My Roof Repair or Replacement

At Feazel, we know that a good roof replacement starts with an accurate estimate. Homeowners expect stress from the process, and we know that starting with a worry-free estimating system helps get your roof replacement off in the right way. How do we do it?

Feazel uses a number of industry-leading digital applications—including high-resolution photography and estimation software—to measure the entire roofing system. Additionally, all Feazel inspectors have extensive knowledge and expertise with diagnosing roof issues or other exterior problems (i.e. windows, gutters, siding, etc.).

Traditional estimating procedures plague schedules and bother customers with in-home sales practices. Our superior process has been serving customers since 2018. By harnessing technological advancements in roofing estimation, Robyn is meant to bring control and ease of use for our customers. This means ultimate convenience for you.

If you need a roof replacement, you need Feazel’s Robyn system. Our estimation process provides a no-surprise approach to roof replacement and restoration. We strive to maintain our customer’s expectations for cost. Feazel can recommend a wide-variety of shingle styles that fit customers’ needs, budgets, and stylistic preferences.

Feazel also promises to always recommend the best, most complete plan for the longevity and overall maintenance of the home. Sometimes a roof repair is all that’s necessary for an issue. Other times, an issue with the home will require a more comprehensive plan of action, like a full roof replacement. 

It’s important to remember that estimates may change during the project. Not all damage can be seen at once. When shingles are removed, it can reveal rotted or damaged decking or other issues. This will incur additional costs for materials and labor. Customers will always be notified of any changes that happen during the project. 

That said, these issues are not “add-ons” or “special features.” These elements are what the Feazel crews deem necessary for a comprehensive, fully-functional roofing system. Your roof is important, and we will always provide the best service, starting with the best estimating system in the business.

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