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Pella Windows Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland has trusted Feazel for many years with their roofing projects. After all, it’s the backbone of our company! Over the course of time, we’ve added additional services, such as carrying Pella windows in all our markets, including Cleveland.  

Cleveland homeowners can expect the same levels of top-in-class installation, exceptional service, and the best products in the home exterior industry. When you are ready to upgrade your windows, contact the experts at Feazel for a free consultation.  

Window Replacement Cleveland 

If there is one thing that Clevelanders know about, it is the winter. Cleveland averages more snow than the national average. With the snow comes the windiest months. And Cleveland is one of the windiest cities in the United States. 

If you’ve been in a home with single-pane windows or windows that are past the point of no return, then you are aware of how drafty windows will cause high heating bills.  

Think of Pella window replacement like this, if your HVAC bills are large due to heat loss, you may save money and reduce your HVAC expenses by getting new windows. Feazel will finance new window installation to spread payment over several months so that you can get the home windows you want for your home.  

Pella provides windows for any replacement situation from single-hung windows, double-hung windows, sliding windows, picture windows, casement windows, and more. In many cases, replacement windows increase the curb appeal of your home while providing increased energy efficiency. It sounds like a win/ win, right? 

Replacement Window FAQs 

When looking at the best Pella windows for your home, you will likely have several questions. The team at Feazel in Cleveland has compiled some of our most frequently asked replacement window questions. As always, we’d be happy to answer any other additional questions.  

Will Replacement Windows Reduce Outside Noise? 

Replacing windows can reduce noise levels entering your home. The amount of noise reduction depends on what material you choose and the material of the old windows.  

Can Replacement Windows be Installed in the Winter? 

The good news is getting your windows replaced is possible in all seasons. Our window installation team will remove your old windows and place your new Pella windows in place.  

It is important to mention that your old windows will be removed, and your home will be temporarily exposed to the cold exterior air. We recommend closing off the room(s) that are getting new windows to prevent additional heat loss. This period of loss is temporary as our team will be working quickly to remove and replace your old windows.  

The great part of getting your windows replaced in the winter is that you may experience less heat loss as soon as the installation is complete. 

Can Replacement Windows be Painted? 

Painting replacement windows depends on the material that your windows are constructed of. In discussing updating the exterior of a home, homeowners should ask themselves if they are looking for something timeless or if they are seeking the versatility of changing the paint every so often.  

It is not recommended to paint Pella vinyl windows. By painting the vinyl windows or entry doors, you will void your window warranty.  

Fiberglass replacement windows should not be painted either to not void your warranty. 

Pella wood windows can be easily painted. They can arrive unfinished, primed, or pre-painted to your specifications.  

Our sales team would be happy to discuss the features of various Pella products we provide. Additionally, we hope to get an understanding of what goals you hope to accomplish by replacing your windows.  

Will Replacement Windows Increase Home Value? 

The return on investment (ROI) depends on the type of window you choose for your project. Not all window materials provide the same amount of ROI, but they are all very similar. Different materials have different costs associated with material price and installation costs. 

Vinyl window replacement has an estimated ROI of 67%. Vinyl windows are the most common type of window installed today. They are energy efficient and have great features.  

Fiberglass Windows are a step above vinyl windows in terms of quality. They have increased production costs and installation costs. Remodeling Magazine estimates the return to be as high as 70% 

Wood windows are more expensive than vinyl and fiberglass counterparts. They are more expensive to manufacture and have more benefits than other materials. Wood window ROI is roughly 66%.  

Window Companies Cleveland 

Feazel is proud to provide windows and doors from Pella in the Cleveland market. We take our expertise seriously and because of that, Feazel has earned the Pella Platinum Elite certification.  

What that means for Cleveland homeowners is that their windows will be installed to the guidelines that Pella has set. This will ensure that the new windows will carry out the warranty set forth by Pella. Contact our Parma office today to get the process started!