Your roof is not a static, standalone feature of the home. It is a moving, breathing, functional element that serves many purposes. Its primary task is to keep you and your family dry inside and to protect the home's structure from weather and water intrusion.

While it would be most practical to have a completely unaltered roof with no cuts or holes, this is not usually possible. A variety of structures need to exit from your roof including pipes, plumbing vents, chimneys, and skylights. You'll need to find a way to ensure that these openings are sealed. That's where a roof vent boot comes into play.

What is a Roof Boot?

A roof boot is a waterproofing device that's used to seal pipe and vent openings on the roof of your home. They're often made of rubber and flexible metal so that they can be malleably formed to the shape of the pipe and slope of the roof. They come in a large array of sizes and many roof boots can fit multiple applications, such as 1.5'', 2'', and 3" pipe openings. The roof boot has a base that sits flush against the angle of the roof and a "cup" that goes over the pipe extrusion. Shingles are laid overtop of the base and the cup is sealed against the pipe with caulking. This creates a watertight seal.

Why Do I Need a Roof Exhaust Vent Boot?

Roof vent boots are a critical element of any roof installation. Ventilation is required in many areas of the home, such as the kitchen and bathroom. The most practical way for this air to escape is up through the home and out of the roof. To install an exhaust pipe, your roofer will have to cut a hole in your roof. Without a roof boot, water would easily find its way inside the crack between the roofing material and the pipe, damaging your home.

Roof boots are made with flexible materials, so they can degrade over time and it's important to keep up with their maintenance. Some signs that your boot needs replacing include:

  • Water Stains on Your Ceiling
  • Cracked and Fading Rubber
  • Cracked and Peeling Caulking
  • Any Space or Gaps Between the Boot and the Exhaust Pipe

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